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Some people like to read a traditional book, others prefer a digital version, still others go for both. And since we try to keep our customers happy, we're offering both formats - print and e-books - as well as two e-book versions - ePub for everything except Kindle, and mobi for Kindle.
But these days you don't need to own a physical reader - Nook, Kobo, Kindle, Sony, iPad - in order to read an e-book. There's FREE or inexpensive digital reader software/apps available through online search for your device, from smartphone to desktop
So if you choose the more popular ePub version, for example, you can read our e-book on your mobile device as inexpensively and easily as you can on a laptop or desktop.

And as a limited-time bonus, we're offering both versions of our e-book - ePub & mobi - autographed by the co-authors! 
The weight of our print book (528 pages, nearly 2 pounds) is heavier than an average book, which makes it more costly to deliver in Canada if choosing the postal service. So we will pay one-half of the cost of shipping and delivery of our print book for Canadian customers choosing Canada Post service to an address within Canada (so the shipping & delivery price you see at Checkout is the 50% reduced price).

This website and our connected Facebook page are the only ways you can buy our book.
We can process e-book orders from anywhere in the world with MasterCard, VISA or Discover payment, and print book orders in the U.S. & Canada. If you wish to order a print book to be shipped outside of the U.S. or Canada, please leave a message via our Contact page and we will notify you about special arrangements.
If you represent a bookstore in the U.S., Canada or elsewhere, please leave us a message. We will have this book translated into other languages, so if you represent a publisher or distributor wanting to discuss foreign rights, please let us know. Also, an audio version of this book will be available soon, please leave us a message if interested.

Thank you.

Print book
$19.95 USD
soft cover
528 pages

$14.95 USD    (autographed by the co-authors)

ePub for Apple devices, Android devices, Kobo, Nook, Sony, Windows phone, Nokia Lumia, etc.
mobi for Kindle

Please note, there are free or inexpensive downloads & apps available online for reading ePub & Kindle versions of e-books on your mobile devices, laptop or desktop.

VISA, MasterCard, Discover
Shipping & Delivery For Print Book
U.S. Postal Service (for American customers), Canada Post (for Canadian customers), UPS (available in both countries). Since Canadian postal rates are more costly than U.S. postal rates for the weight of this book, we pay one-half of the shipping price for our Canadian customers choosing domestic Canada Post, where destination is an address within Canada. So for Canadian customers choosing this option, shipping & delivery price shown at Checkout is one-half (50%) of the regular price. All deliveries will usually be within 7 days.
How to Make a Purchase

1) Please make certain the cookies on your browser or device are turned on. (For cookies, check the privacy setting on your browser or device.)
2) Clicking on Buy Now takes you to the Shopping Cart. Please note our policy of "no refunds, no returns, all sales final, no cancelation of orders" and make your choice carefully. Choose between print book or e-book and click on the appropriate image (prices are shown in both currencies, or click on country at top of page*). Please note that the e-book is offered in two formats (see above) and you will have the option of choosing between the two when you reach Checkout.
3) When you click on your selection of print or e-book, your selection will be added to your shopping cart, and you will be given a choice to either continue shopping, or proceed to the Checkout page.
4) On the Checkout page, if you are a new customer you can choose between the quick process of being a 'guest' purchaser, or register for your own account (suitable for bookstore clients, etc.). If you are a returning customer you can log-in to your account. Complete the information requested, make your choices (if purchasing an e-book, note the option of choosing between two formats). Submit your order.
* Please note that approximation of calculation of Canadian currency relative to U.S. currency on the shopping cart is based on up-to-the-minute currency exchange rates ( which may vary slightly from those used by your payment card issuer when payment is made.
Connection times between website pages may vary depending on your browser/device, its connection to the internet, and volume of traffic on the internet.




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