How Can I Watch All Yankees Games?

How Can I Watch All Yankees Games?

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How to set up

To watch all Yankees games on MLB.TV you will need to:

Pros and cons

There are many different ways to watch your favorite team play baseball. You can go to the stadium and buy a ticket, or you can watch the game on television. But what if you want to watch every single game your team plays? That’s where MLB.TV comes in.

MLB.TV is a service that allows you to watch every out-of-market baseball game live or on demand. NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows you to watch every out-of-market NFL game, is a similar service.

The big advantage of MLB.TV is that you can watch any game you want, whenever you want. If your team is playing at 1:00 pm on Sunday and you can’t be in front of a television, you can just fire up your laptop or phone and watch the game on MLB.TV.

Of course, there are some downsides to the service as well. First and foremost, it’s not free–it costs $130 per year (or $25 per month). That’s a decent chunk of change, especially if you’re only interested in one team.

In addition, while MLB.TV does offer certain perks–like HD quality and DVR functionality–it’s important to remember that it is still streaming video, which means that it can be prone to buffering and otherissues. If you live in an area with spotty internet service, MLB.TV may not be the best option for you

Yankees App

The Yankees App is the best way to watch every Yankees game. You can also listen to the radio broadcast, get the latest news and highlights, and view your favorite player’s stats. The Yankees app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to set up

Open the App Store on your Apple TV.

Search for MLB.TV in the App Store.

Click GET next to MLB.TV to download the MLB.TV app on your Apple TV.

Once installed, open the MLB.TV app and sign in with your MLB account or create one if you don’t have one already. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll now have access to every out-of-market regular season game live or on demand, as well as full coverage of the Postseason.

Pros and cons

The Yankees App lets you watch all Yankees games* on your supported device. There are both free and paid versions of the app, and the free version lets you watch up to four innings of each game. The paid version, which costs $19.99/mo, gives you access to all live out-of-market and replay games, as well as exclusive features like the Statcast Search tool.

There are some potential drawbacks to using the Yankees App, however. First, it is only available to residents of the United States and certain U.S. territories. Second, even if you are a resident of one of those areas, you will still need a subscription to a participating cable or satellite TV provider in order to use the paid features of the app. Finally, while the app includes a variety of features, it does not currently offer any way to listen to live radio broadcasts of Yankees games.

* blackout restrictions may apply

Other ways to watch

If you don’t have cable, you can still watch the Yankees play. Here are a few other ways to watch.


In addition to YES, you can catch Yankees games on WFAN 660AM/101.9FM, WADO 1280AM and on Spanish Radio on WADO 1280AM and WQBU 92.7FM. There are also a number of Yankees radio affiliates across the country. Check out the full list here.


If you want to watch all Yankees games, you may be able to find a local newspaper that will give you access to a live stream of every game. You can also try searching for a live stream of the game on the internet, but be aware that these streams may be unlawful and could get you in trouble with the law.

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