How Did George Costanza Get a Job With the Yankees?

In case you’re wondering how George Costanza got a job with the Yankees on Seinfeld, here’s a blog post that explains it all!

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George Costanza’s Job Interview with the Yankees

George Costanza went on a job interview with the New York Yankees, and it seemed to go well. The interviewer asked him a few questions about baseball, and George answered them all correctly. He was then asked to name the starting lineup for the Yankees, and he did so without hesitation. George seemed to have the job in the bag.

The episode where George interviews with the Yankees

George Costanza’s job interview with the Yankees is a classic episode of Seinfeld. In the episode, George goes on a job interview with the Yankees. He is interviewed by Mr. Wilhelm, the Yankees’ owner. George is nervous and makes a lot of mistakes during the interview. However, he ultimately gets the job.

George’s resume

George Costanza’s resume is a comical masterpiece. It is a prime example of what not to do on a resume. Let’s take a look at some of the humorous highlights from George’s resume:

-In the “Objective” section, George wrote “To secure a position with the New York Yankees.” This is not only comical, but it also shows a total lack of understanding of what an objective statement is supposed to accomplish.

-The “Skills” section includes such items as “ability to indentify cheating spouses” and “willingness to work long hours for little or no pay.” Others skills listed include “picking fights with much larger men” and “sleeping in public places.”

-In the “Experience” section, George lists his experience as a high school student working at a men’s clothing store. He also includes his experience working at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, where he was fired for sexual harassment.

-Perhaps the most comical part of the resume is the “References” section. George lists such luminaries as ex-girlfriends, mobsters, and even his parents!

George’s job interview outfit

George arrives to his job interview with the Yankees wearing a ill-fitting suit and looking generally disheveled. When the interviewer, Mr. Wilhelm, asks George why he wants the job, George gives a rambling, incoherent answer about how he’s always loved the Yankees. Mr. Wilhelm is not impressed.

George: I … uhh … I’ve always been a big fan of the Yankees. Ever since I was a little kid.
When Mr. Wilhelm asks George what he knows about baseball, George again gives a long-winded, nonsensical answer that does nothing to sell himself as a qualified candidate for the job.

George: Well, you know, there’s … uh … well, there’s the infield, and then out in the outfield … um … you’ve got left field and center field and right field …
At this point, it’s clear to Mr. Wilhelm that George is not qualified for the job and he tells George as much. George doesn’t take the news well and has an emotional breakdown in front of Mr. Wilhelm before storming out of the office.

George Costanza’s Job With the Yankees

George Costanza was first seen working at the New York Yankees in the episode “The Job” of the show Seinfeld. He was hired by Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to be their assistant to the traveling secretary. Costanza got the job by accident when Steinbrenner mistook him for Jerry Seinfeld. Let’s take a look at how this all happened.

George’s job duties

George’s primary duty is to be a “gopher.” He is seen running errands for various members of the front office staff, such as getting coffee and lunch orders. He also is occasionally assigned more important tasks, such as attending a meeting with potential free agents, or finding a birthday gift for Steinbrenner.

George’s office

George Costanza’s job with the Yankees was a publicity stunt by the team’s owner, George Steinbrenner, to sell tickets. The idea was that a fictional character from a popular television show could bring attention to the team. However, the plan backfired when George Costanza turned out to be a very unpopular character. He was eventually fired from his job with the Yankees.

George’s co-workers

George’s co-workers were a constant source of frustration for him. He was constantly getting into arguments with them, and he found their work ethic to be lacking. However, he was able to put aside his differences with them when it came to working for the Yankees. He was able to put aside his personal feelings and work together with them in order to achieve a common goal.

George Costanza’s Job Performance

George Costanza was employed by the New York Yankees at a very entry-level position. He did not have any experience working in baseball or any connections to the team. However, he was able to land the job and keep it for a significant amount of time. How was he able to do this?

George’s first day on the job

George’s first day on the job was actually quite successful. He managed to make all the right moves and impress his new boss, Mr. Wilhelm. However, things quickly went downhill from there. George made a series of blunders that got him into hot water with Mr. Wilhelm and the rest of the Yankees organization. As a result, George was fired from his dream job after just one day.

George’s work ethic

George Costanza’s work ethic has been questioned by many throughout the years. He is often seen taking naps at work, being lazy, and not working to the best of his abilities. In one episode, he even tries to get fired so he can collect unemployment. However, George has also shown that he is a hard worker when he wants to be.

In the episode “The Job”, George goes above and beyond to impress Mr. Wilhelm so that he can get promoted. He works long hours, including coming in on weekends, and does whatever it takes to get the job done. He even stays up all night working on a presentation because he knows that’s what Mr. Wilhelm wants. As a result of his hard work, George does get promoted.

George also shows his work ethic in the episode “The Race”. Although he is not the most athletic person, George trains extremely hard for a foot race against Elaine’s boyfriend Puddy. He runs every day and even buys expensive shoes to give himself an edge. Although he doesn’t win the race, George does end up impressing Puddy with his dedication.

Although George’s work ethic is often questionable, there are instances where he has proven himself to be a hard worker.

George’s job performance review

George’s job performance review is mixed. On the one hand, he is a very hard worker. He is usually the first one in the office and the last one to leave. He takes very good care of his appearance and is always well-dressed. On the other hand, George can be lazy and lackadaisical at times. He has been known to take long lunches and coffee breaks. He also tends to be forgetful and often leaves his work unfinished. Overall, George is a competent employee who gets the job done, but could improve in some areas.

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