How Does George Get Fired From the Yankees?

This is a question that many Yankees fans have been asking since George Steinbrenner was ousted as the team’s owner. How did George get fired from the Yankees?

There are a few theories, but the most likely explanation is that Steinbrenner was simply too much of a liability for the team. His volatile personality and propensity for making controversial decisions had become a major problem for the Yankees, and they decided that it was time to move on without him.


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George is traded to the Astros

On June 27, 2010, George was traded to the Houston Astros, along with cash considerations, in exchange for minor league pitcher Mark Melancon.

George is released by the Astros

On October 28, George is released by the Astros. The Yankees re-sign him on November 18. On November 21, they release him again.

George is signed by the Yankees

George is signed by the Yankees as a free agent to a five-year, $50 million contract. He is 29 years old and considered one of the best players in baseball. After a strong start to his Yankees career, George struggles for much of the next two seasons. He is released by the Yankees after the team fails to make the playoffs in either of those seasons.

George is fired by the Yankees

George is fired by the Yankees for losing the game.

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