How Long Did George Costanza Work for the Yankees?

How long did George Costanza work for the Yankees? We investigate the answer to this question and more in this blog post.

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George Costanza’s Job History

George Costanza has had a long and varied employment history, working for a number of different companies in a variety of industries. He is best known for his work with the New York Yankees, where he was employed for several years. George has also worked in the food industry, as a salesman, and as a consultant.

George’s first job

George’s first job was working for the Yankees, under Mr. Wilhelm. He was fired after Conrad Baines replaced Mr. Wilhelm as the team’s manager.

George’s temp job

George Costanza’s first job out of college was working as a temp for an offshoot of the Kruger Industrial Smoothing company. He worked there for several months before being laid off. George then went on to have a series of short-lived jobs, including working at a playground, being a hand model, and being a bra salesman. He also had a stint working at the New York Yankees Stadium, but was fired after only one day.

George’s job at the Yankees

George Costanza worked for the Yankees as an assistant to the traveling secretary. He was fired after pretending to be handicapped in order to get a parking spot closer to the stadium.

George’s Time at the Yankees

George Costanza worked for the Yankees for a total of six years. He was first hired in 1987 and was fired in 1993. He was then re-hired in 1995 and worked for the team until 1996. George was a valuable member of the Yankees during his time with the team.

George’s job duties

George’s job duties were mostly menial tasks such as getting coffee for the boss, running errands, and doing other odd jobs. He was also in charge of the Yankees’ scouting reports, which is how he “discovered” timestamping, a talent that helped him become a successful real estate developer.

George’s co-workers

George’s co-workers at the Yankees included Puck (played by Mark Hamill), who was in charge of supplying the team with pine tar; Mr. Wilhelm (played by Richard Herd), the frequently mentioned but hardly ever seen general manager; and Buzz (played by Brendan Patrick Connor), a young pitcher with a bad case of nerves.

George’s boss

George’s boss was Mr. Wilhelm, played by Richard Kiel. He was the Yankees’ owner who bought the team from Steinbrenner and then fired him. George worked for Mr. Wilhelm for a short time before he was fired as well.

George’s Departure from the Yankees

George Costanza worked for the Yankees for a total of four seasons. He was originally hired as an assistant to the team’s travelling secretary, but was later promoted to bathroom attendant. George was eventually fired from his position after he was caught urinating in the Yankee Stadium dugout.

George’s final days

George’s final days with the Yankees are coming to an end. He has been told by the front office that they are going in a different direction and that his services are no longer needed. George is heartbroken and doesn’t know what he’s going to do next. He decides to go home to Queens and stay with his parents for a while.

George’s replacement

George’s replacement was Wally Whistler. He was a minor league ballplayer who had just been released by the Yankees. He was only with the team for a short time, and he was soon replaced by another player.

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