How Many Games Behind Are the Yankees?

The Yankees are currently 9.5 games back in the AL East. They would need to go on a significant run and hope the other teams in the division falter in order to have a chance at winning the division.

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The New York Yankees are currently in last place in the AL East, 7.5 games behind the first place Tampa Bay Rays. They are also 4.5 games behind the second wild card spot, which is currently occupied by the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Yankees’ Record

The Yankees have played 8 games so far this season. They have won 3 games and lost 5 games. This gives them a win-loss record of .375. So far this season, the Yankees are 4.5 games behind the first place team in their division.

Games Behind

The “games behind” stat (GB) is used in all major sports to determine how far back a team is from the division or wild card lead. In baseball, it’s especially important because there can be such a significant difference between being two games out of first place and five games out. Games behind is calculated by taking the number of games a team has played and subtracting it from the number of games the leading team has played. So, if the Yankees have played 100 games and the Red Sox have played 102, the Yankees are two GB.


After running the numbers, it turns out that the Yankees are currently 5.5 games behind the Red Sox.

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