How Many Pitchers Do the Yankees Have?

The Yankees have a lot of pitchers, but how many do they really have? We take a look at the numbers and break it down for you.

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The Rotation

The Yankees have a total of five pitchers in their rotation. They are Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia, Sonny Gray, and Jordan Montgomery.

The Starting Five

The New York Yankees are currently in the process of rebuilding their team. They have a core group of young players that they are hoping will blossom into stars, and they are complementing them with some veteran role players. The Yankees currently have five pitchers that they are counting on to be a part of their starting rotation.

Masahiro Tanaka is the ace of the staff, and he is coming off a solid season in which he went 13-12 with a 3.87 ERA. CC Sabathia is the veteran leader of the rotation, and he is looking to bounce back after a down year in which he went 9-15 with a 4.73 ERA. Michael Pineda is another pitcher that the Yankees are hoping will have a big season; he went 12-10 with a 4.39 ERA last year.

The final two spots in the rotation are up for grabs, but the Yankees have several options. They could go with young pitchers Luis Severino or Chad Green, or they could go with veterans like Ivan Nova or CC Sabathia. Whoever wins those final two spots will need to step up and Pitch well if the Yankees are going to contend for a playoff spot in 2017.

The Middle Men

The Yankees currently have six pitchers in their rotation: Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, J.A. Happ, Luis Severino, CC Sabathia, and Domingo Germán.

They also have three pitchers in their bullpen who could start if needed: Jordan Montgomery, Jonathan Loaisiga, and Luis Cessa.

That means that the Yankees have nine pitchers who could start a game at any given time.

The Long Relief

The long relief pitcher is a type of relief pitcher in baseball who specializes in pitching longer than usual relief stints. A long reliever is typically used to protect a lead or eat up innings in a close game, but may also be used early in the game as a “swingman” or emergency starter. A long reliever usually does not have the stuff to be a successful starting pitcher, but can be very valuable to a team coming out of the bullpen.

The Bullpen

The Yankees have a very deep bullpen. They have a lefty specialist, a long reliever, a setup man, and a closer. All of these pitchers are very good and can get the job done in any situation.

The Closer

In baseball, the closer is a relief pitcher who is the team’s last pitcher of the game, hence the name “closer”. They usually enter the game in a save situation, with their team leading by one or two runs, or occasionally with the tying run on base or at bat.

The closer’s main objective is to save the game for their team. A successful close results in a win for their team and a blown save (BS) results in a loss.
A pitcher who finishes games not considered save situations is not considered a closer even if they have many saves. Starting pitchers are also not considered closers even if they sometimes finish games that they have started.

The role of the closer has evolved over time from being primarily about Inherited Runs Prevented to now being about Leverage Index and Win Probability Added. The modern day closer is used differently than any other pitcher on a baseball roster.

The Set-Up Men

The set-up men are the bullpen pitchers who typically enter the game in the eighth inning, with the team leading by a narrow margin. Their job is to protect that lead and keep the score close, so that the closer can come in and finish the game. Set-up men are usually some of the best relief pitchers in baseball, and they are often used in high-pressure situations.

The Yankees have had some great set-up men over the years, including Mariano Rivera, Dave Righetti, and Sparky Lyle. Currently, their set-up man is Dellin Betances, who has been one of the best relief pitchers in baseball over the past few years.

The Lefties

The New York Yankees currently have four left-handed pitchers on their roster: CC Sabathia, Wade LeBlanc, Nestor Cortes, Jr., and Zack Britton. All of them have had successful Major League careers thus far and they are all key members of the Yankees pitching staff.

Sabathia is a former Cy Young Award winner and he is currently the Yankees’ ace. He has been with the team since 2009 and he has been one of their most reliable pitchers over the past decade.

LeBlanc is a journeyman pitcher who has bounced around to several different teams throughout his career. He signed with the Yankees prior to the 2018 season and he has been a key contributor out of the bullpen over the past two years.

Cortes, Jr. is a young pitcher who made his Major League debut with the Yankees in 2018. He has split time between the bullpen and the starting rotation over the past two seasons and he has shown promise as a potential future star for the team.

Britton is a former All-Star closer who was acquired by the Yankees from the Baltimore Orioles prior to the 2018 season. He missed most of 2018 due to injury, but he bounced back in a big way in 2019 and he was once again one of the best relief pitchers in baseball.

The Righties

The Yankees currently have six right-handed pitchers on their active roster. These pitchers are Dellin Betances, Luis Cessa, Sonny Gray, Chad Green, Jonathan Holder, and Masahiro Tanaka. Of these six pitchers, Betances, Gray, and Tanaka are the most likely to be used in high-leverage situations.

The Injured List

The Yankees currently have 9 pitchers on the injured list. This includes starters Luis Severino, CC Sabathia, and Masahiro Tanaka. The Yankees also have several relievers on the injured list, including Dellin Betances, Zach Britton, and Jonathan Holder. The Yankees have been hit hard by injuries this season, but they continue to fight for a spot in the playoffs.

The Disabled List

The Yankees have had a lot of injuries this season, and it’s taken a toll on their pitching staff.

So far, eleven pitchers have been placed on the disabled list, including Luis Severino, Dellin Betances, CC Sabathia, and Masahiro Tanaka.

This has left the team scrambling to find enough healthy arms to field a competitive team. In fact, they’ve had to call up so many players from the minor leagues that they’ve run out of numbers to give them!

Here’s a complete list of the Yankees’ pitchers who have been placed on the disabled list this season:

Luis Severino
Dellin Betances
CC Sabathia
Masahiro Tanaka
Aroldis Chapman
Chad Green
Jonathan Loaisiga

The 60-Day Injured List

The 60-day injured list (IL) is for players who are injured and expected to miss at least two months of the season. Players can be placed on the 60-day IL at any time, but they must be moved to the 40-man roster first.

The Yankees currently have three pitchers on the 60-day IL:

CC Sabathia (knee)
Domingo Germán (elbow)
Luis Severino (elbow)

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