How Many Times Will the Yankees Play the Orioles This Season?

This is a question that many Yankees fans are likely wondering as the team prepares to face off against the Orioles again. As of right now, the Yankees are scheduled to play the Orioles a total of 19 times this season.

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2017 Regular Season

Yankees vs. Orioles Schedule

The New York Yankees will play the Baltimore Orioles a total of 19 times during the 2017 regular season. The first matchup between these two teams will take place on April 10th at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and the final matchup will take place on September 29th at Yankee Stadium.

Yankees Home Games vs. Orioles

The Yankees will play the Orioles 7 times at home and 6 times away this season.

Yankees Away Games vs. Orioles

The Yankees will play the Orioles 7 times at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD during the 2017 regular season. Below is the schedule for these games.

April 10th – 7:05 PM
April 11th – 7:05 PM
May 8th – 7:05 PM
May 9th – 7:05 PM
June 12th – 7:05 PM
July 14th – 1:35 PM
August 11th – 7:05 PM


The Yankees have clinched the AL East title and are set to take on the Orioles in the AL Wild Card game on October 5th. They’ll be playing the Orioles four times in the regular season finale from October 1st-4th. So, how many times will the Yankees play the Orioles this season?

Yankees vs. Orioles in the Playoffs

The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles are two of the most successful teams in baseball. They have met each other in the playoffs numerous times, with the Yankees winning most of the encounters. This year, they will face each other again in the American League Division Series.

The Yankees and Orioles have a long history, dating back to their days as members of the original American League. They were two of the most dominant teams in baseball in the early 20th century, with the Yankees winning 27 World Series titles and the Orioles winning seven. The two teams have faced each other in the postseason on 11 occasions, with the Yankees winning eight of those series.

The most recent encounter between these two teams was in 2012, when the Yankees beat the Orioles in five games to advance to the American League Championship Series. The Orioles will be looking for revenge this year, but it will be a tough task against a very strong Yankees team.

Yankees Home Games vs. Orioles in the Playoffs

As the Yankees and Orioles get ready to face off in the playoffs, fans are wondering how many times they will play each other. The answer depends on how far each team advances.

If the Yankees and Orioles both make it to the American League Championship Series, they will play each other a minimum of four times. If one team sweeps the other in the best-of-seven series, they will only play four times. If the series goes to a Game 7, they will have played each other seven times.

If either team makes it to the World Series, they could play each other up to seven more times, for a total of 14 games in a season. However, if both teams make it to the World Series and one team swept the other in the ALCS, they would only play each other 11 times total in that season.

Yankees Away Games vs. Orioles in the Playoffs

The Yankees have played the Orioles 7 times so far this season, and they will play them 3 more times in the postseason. The Yankees have a record of 5-2 against the Orioles this season.

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