How Many Triple Plays Do the Yankees Have?

The Yankees have had 3 triple plays so far this season.
Learn more about how many triple plays other teams have had in past seasons.

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In baseball, a triple play (abbreviated TP) is the rare feat of making three outs during the same continuous play. A triple play can only be made if there are runners on base to be put out; if there are no runners, a fielder may record multiple outs, but not a triple play. Colloquially known as a “three-unassisted”, “frozen rope”, or “bang-bang play”.

The Yankees Triple Plays

The Yankees have had some great Triple Plays over the years. Here is a list of the some of the most famous ones.

· June 10, 1927 – Lou Gehrig hit a grounder to third baseman, which started a 5-4-3 triple play against the Washington Senators.

· July 17, 1932 – an unassisted triple play by second baseman, who caught a line drive and tagged the runner off first base.

· August 31, 1939 – The Yankees turned a 6-4-3 triple play against the Red Sox with second baseman Red Rolfe to shortstop Frankie Crosetti to first baseman George Selkirk.

· May 5, 1950 – Another 6-4-3 triple play, this time against the Detroit Tigers with Rolfe again at second base, Crosetti at shortstop and Hank Bauer at first base.

· April 30, 1968 – The Yankees turned a 1-2-5triple play against the Baltimore Orioles. First baseman hit a grounder to pitcher , who threw to second baseman for the first out. then tagged out runners at first and second base.

The Yankees Most Memorable Triple Plays

In baseball, a triple play is rare enough. But for the New York Yankees, a team with a history of some of the game’s greatest players, it’s even more special.

The Yankees have had six different triple plays in their franchise history. The first came on August 23, 1911, against the Boston Red Sox. The second was on June 10, 1927, against the Cleveland Indians. The third came on May 31, 1935, against the Detroit Tigers. The fourth was on September 21, 1950, against the Chicago White Sox. The fifth was on June 15, 1968, against the Baltimore Orioles. And finally, the most recent triple play in Yankee history happened on October 1, 1995 against…the Seattle Mariners!

Here are some details about each of these elusive plays:

The first Yankee triple play in history was turned by none other than future Hall of Famer Frank “Home Run” Baker. With the score tied at 2-2 in the top of the ninth inning and runners on first and second base, Baker fielded a grounder by Sherry Magee and stepped on third base for the force out. He then threw to Second baseman Hal Chase who tagged out powerful hitter Tris Speaker before he could reach second base. Finally, Chase threw to first baseman Wally Pipp to complete the triple play and end the inning!

The second Yankee triple play came just 16 years later in 1927 against the Cleveland Indians. With runners on first and second base and no outs in the bottom of the seventh inning, Yankee shortstop Mark Koenig fielded a grounder by Jesse Hathaway and stepped on second base for the force out. He then threw to first baseman Lou Gehrig who tagged out Earl Averill before he could reach first base! Koenig then completed the trifecta by throwing to catcher Pat Collins to retire George Burns and end the inning!

The third Yankee triple play in franchise history happened 8 years later in 1935 against Detroit Tigers. With runners on first and second base and one out in top of ninth inning, Tiger’s batter Hank Greenberg hit a grounder to Yankee third baseman Red Rolfe who stepped on third base for one force out. Rolfe then quickly threw to shortstop Frankie Crosetti atsecond base who tagged out Charlie Gehringer before he could reach second base! Crosetti attempted to completeversus Compete withthe BostonThere have been 6 Triple Plays throughout Yankees Franchise History
the trifecta by throwingto catcher Bill Dickey but Greenberg beat his throwtohome plate soDickey hadto tag himout manually toendthe inningand preservea 3-2 leadfor histeam!

The fourth Yankee triple play took place in 1950 against Chicago White Sox With runnersonfirstandthirdbaseand two outsinbottomofthe ninthinning,WhiteSoxbatterChico CarrasquelhitagroundertoYankee thirdbasemanPhilRizzuto whoStepedonthirdbaseforoneforceout.Rizzutoth enquicklythrewto seconbasemanJerry ColemanwhotaggedoutJim Rivera beforehecouldreachsecondbase!ColemanthenattemptedtocompletethetrifectabythrowingtocatcherYogi Berra butCarrasquelbeathisthrowtohomeplate sBerrahadtotaghimoutmanuallytoendtheinningandpreservea 5-4leadforhis team!

The fifthYankee Triple Playintheir franchisehistorycame18 years laterin 1968 againstthe BaltimoreOriolesWithrunnersonfirstandsecondbaseand no outsinbottomofthe eighthinning ,Oriolesbatter BrooksRobinsonhit agroundertoYankee shortstopElvinHazelton whosteppedonsecondbaseforoneforceoutHazelton th enthrewto seconbasemanBobby Murcer whotaggedout Curt Blefarybefore he couldreachsecondbaseMurcer th enthrewtocatcherElston Howardtocompletethe trifectaandendthe inningwithhis teamleading10-6


The 2019 New York Yankees have had 3 Triple Plays.

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