How Many Triple Plays Have the Yankees Had in Their History?

The Yankees have had plenty of success throughout their history, and that includes plenty of triple plays. Here’s a look at how many triple plays the Yankees have had in their history.

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While most fans are used to the basic infield baseball diamond, there are other positions that come into play depending on the play. One of these is the pitcher, who stands on a raised mound in the center of the diamond, and another is the catcher, who squats behind home plate.

There are also three outfield positions: left field, center field and right field. These players try to catch balls that are hit over the head of the infielders. The space between the outfield and infield is called “the outfield.”

Three infield positions are called first base, second base and third base. A fourth infield position is shortstop, which is between second and third base. These four positions make up what is called “the infield.”

The terms “infield” and “outfield” can also be used as adjectives to describe where a ball was hit. For example, if a ball was hit into “left field,” it means it was hit toward the left side of the playing field.

The Yankees’ Triple Plays

The Yankees have had 29 triple plays in their history. The most recent one was on September 28, 2018, against the Toronto Blue Jays. Triple plays are pretty rare, so it’s pretty impressive that the Yankees have had so many. Let’s take a look at some of the other triple plays the Yankees have had.

Triple Plays in the Regular Season

The Yankees have hit into 165 triple plays in their history, the most in MLB. They have hit into 31 more triple plays than the next closest team, the San Francisco Giants. Triple plays happen infrequently, so the Yankees’ total is even more impressive when considering that they have only been in existence for 119 seasons (as of 2020). The following list details every triple play the Yankees have hit into during the regular season.

– 1903: 3B Frank Delehanty hits into a 5-4-3 triple play against the Washington Senators.
– 1909: 1B Hal Chase hits into a 4-6-3 triple play against the Chicago White Sox.
– 1922: 3B Joe Dugan hits into a 1-2-5 triple play against the St. Louis Browns.
– 1927: 2B Aaron Ward hits into an unassisted 6-4-3 double play (the batter, Mark Koenig, reached first on an error) against the Detroit Tigers.

Triple Plays in the Postseason

The Yankees have had several noteworthy triple plays in their history. In the 1996 World Series, they turned a triple play in Game 1 against the Atlanta Braves. One of the most famous triple plays in baseball history occurred in the 2001 World Series, when the Yankees turned a triple play against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 5. In the 2003 ALCS, the Yankees turned a triple play against the Boston Red Sox. More recently, in 2009, they turned a triple play against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.


The Yankees have had a total of 27 triple plays in their history. The most recent one occurred on April 21, 2019, against the Baltimore Orioles.

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