How Much Do Sports Trainers Make?

How much do sports trainers make? This is a question that many people ask. Here is a look at what you can expect to earn in this career.

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Job Description

Sports trainers typically work in the medical field and are responsible for providing care and treatment to athletes. They may work in a hospital, clinic, or sporting facility. Their duties include diagnosing injuries, developing treatment plans, and providing rehabilitative care. They may also be responsible for educating athletes on injury prevention and proper nutrition.

Education and Training

To become a sports trainer, you will need to complete a degree in sports medicine or a related field. Many trainers also have certification from the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification (NATABOC). In order to maintain their certification, they must complete continuing education credits every four years.


The average salary for a sports trainer is $50,000. The top earners in this profession make over $100,000 per year.

Job Outlook

Employment of athletic trainers is projected to grow 21 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. Job prospects should be best for those who have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in athletic training and are certified by the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC).

Pros and Cons

There are many factors to consider when thinking about becoming a sports trainer. Salary is just one aspect of the job. Here are some pros and cons to help you make your decision.

-The average salary for a sports trainer is $51,610 per year, with the top 10% earning over $85,000.
-You can work in a variety of settings, including colleges, professional sports teams, and fitness centers.
-You can often choose your own hours and schedule.
-You get to help people achieve their fitness goals and improve their health.

-The job can be physically demanding, and you may have to work long hours.
-You may have to work evenings and weekends.
-You need to be able to handle last-minute changes in your schedule.

Sports Trainers in the NFL

Sports trainers in the NFL can make a pretty penny. In fact, the top trainers in the league can earn upwards of $2 million a year. However, the average salary for an NFL trainer is closer to $75,000 annually.

Sports Trainers in the NBA

The average salary for a head trainer in the NBA is $105,000 a year, according to the website How Much Do Sports Trainers Make?. Assistants make an average of $75,000 a year. Salaries can vary depending on experience and location. For instance, an assistant trainer in New York City could make $85,000 a year while one in Los Angeles might make $95,000.

Sports Trainers in MLB

Sports Trainers in MLB
In Major League Baseball, the average salary for a sports trainer is $61,500 per year. Salaries range from $30,000 to $95,000 per year.

Sports Trainers in the NHL

Sports trainers in the NHL typically make between $50,000 and $80,000 per year. However, some trainers may make more or less depending on their experience and the team they work for.

Sports Trainers in Other Professional Leagues

In addition to working in high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams, some sports trainers find jobs in other settings. For example, some work in clinics that treat athletes of all ages and abilities. Others work in corporate wellness programs, where they help employees maintain healthy lifestyles. Still others work in the fitness industry, training people who want to improve their health or lose weight. Some sports trainers even open their own private practices.

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