How Much Do the Yankees Pay Stanton?

How much do the New York Yankees pay Giancarlo Stanton?
We take a look at the Yankees star’s contract and what it means for the team.

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How Much Do the Yankees Pay Stanton?

Yankees fans were elated when the team acquired Stanton in a trade with the Marlins. The Yankees were getting one of the best players in the game, and they weren’t giving up much in return. However, the true cost of Stanton became clear when it was revealed how much the Yankees would be paying him. Stanton is set to earn $325 million over the next ten years, which is the largest contract in baseball history.

They are paying him $325 million.

The New York Yankees are currently paying Giancarlo Stanton $325 million over a 13-year period. This includes a $10 million signing bonus and a $22 million annual salary.

They are also paying him $30 million in deferred payments.

The New York Yankees have finalized a deal with outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, the 2017 National League MVP, that will see him earn $325 million over 13 years. The contract ties Alex Rodriguez for the second-largest in Major League Baseball history, behind only the 13-year, $325 million extension Bryce Harper signed with the Washington Nationals last month.

The total value of Stanton’s deal is actually higher than Harper’s, at $358 million, because it includes a $30 million signing bonus that will be paid out over the life of the contract. The deferred payments lower the team’s annual average value (AAV) of the contract to $27.5 million, which allows the Yankees to stay under baseball’s luxury tax threshold for 2018.

How Does this Compare to Other Players?

The Yankees just signed Giancarlo Stanton to a thirteen year, three hundred and fifty million dollar contract. This is the most money that any baseball player has ever been paid. The question is, how does Stanton’s contract compare to other baseball players? In this article, we will take a look at some of the richest contracts in baseball history and see how Stanton’s contract stacks up.

Mike Trout is the highest-paid player in baseball, making $34.1 million in 2020.

In 2019, the Los Angeles Angels signed Mike Trout to a record-breaking 12-year, $426.5 million contract extension. This made Trout the highest-paid player in baseball, with an annual salary of $34.1 million.

Trout’s record contract eclipsed the previous record for the largest contract in baseball history, set by Giancarlo Stanton in 2014. Stanton signed a 13-year, $325 million deal with the Miami Marlins.

So how does Mike Trout’s record contract compare to other top players in baseball? Below is a list of the 10 highest-paid players in baseball for the 2020 season, according to

1. Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels – $34.1 million
2.Gerrit Cole – New York Yankees – $36 million
3. Stephen Strasburg – Washington Nationals – $35 million
4. Max Scherzer – Washington Nationals – $35 million
5 Zack Greinke – Houston Astros – $34 million
6 Justin Verlander – Houston Astros – $33 million
7 Clayton Kershaw – Los Angeles Dodgers – $33 million
8 Felix Hernandez – Atlanta Braves – $28 million
9 Chris Sale – Boston Red Sox – $27.5 million
10 CC Sabathia – New York Yankees- $27 million

Stanton is the second-highest-paid player in baseball, making $26 million in 2020.

In terms of total compensation, Giancarlo Stanton is the second-highest paid player in baseball, behind only Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout. Stanton is set to make $26 million in 2020, the second year of his 13-year, $325 million contract with the Yankees.

Stanton’s $26 million salary is the highest in MLB history for a player who is not currently under contract. The previous record was held by Alex Rodriguez, who made $25.2 million in 2007.

In terms of annual average salary, Stanton ranks fourth among all MLB players, behind only Trout ($34.1 million), Rodriguez ($27.5 million) and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw ($31 million).

How Does this Compare to the Yankees’ Payroll?

The New York Yankees have reportedly agreed to a deal with Stanton that will pay him $325 million over the next 13 years. This is the biggest contract ever for a player in North American sports history. How does this compare to the Yankees’ payroll?

The Yankees’ payroll is $228 million.

The Yankees’ payroll is $228 million. The Red Sox’s payroll is $226 million. The Cubs’s payroll is $217 million. The Dodgers’s payroll is $197 million.

The Yankees’ payroll is the highest in baseball.

In 2019, the New York Yankees had the highest payroll in baseball at $223 million. The next highest team was the Boston Red Sox, who had a payroll of $210 million. The Yankees’ payroll is more than double that of the Tampa Bay Rays, who had the lowest payroll in baseball at just over $60 million.

The Yankees have four players who make more than $20 million per year: Giancarlo Stanton ($25 million), Jacoby Ellsbury ($21.1 million), Masahiro Tanaka ($22 million), and CC Sabathia ($23 million). They also have several players who make between $10 and $20 million per year, including Brett Gardner, Aroldis Chapman, and Dellin Betances.

The Yankees’ high payroll allows them to field a team that is consistently competitive. In 2019, they won 103 games and lost 59, giving them the best record in baseball. They finished first in their division and made it to the playoffs, where they lost to the eventual World Series champions, the Houston Astros.

How Does this Compare to the Yankees’ Revenues?

The Yankees are paying Stanton $325 million over the next ten years, which is the most ever given to a player by the team. In order to make this happen, the Yankees had to increase their payroll, which will be $172 million this season. This number is still relatively low compared to other teams. The Yankees’ revenues are $527 million.

The Yankees’ revenues are $619 million.

The Yankees are baseball’s richest team, and they have the game’s highest payroll. They’ve also been the most successful team over the past two decades, winning four World Series titles and six American League pennants since 2000.

All of that success comes at a cost, though, and the Yankees’ payroll is a big part of that. The team has shelled out more than $1.5 billion in salaries over the past five seasons, and they currently have more than $200 million committed to player salaries for 2019.

So how does Giancarlo Stanton’s contract compare to the Yankees’ overall payroll? Well, it’s actually pretty similar. Stanton will make $26 million in 2019, which is just shy of 4% of the Yankees’ total payroll. That percentage will rise to 5% in 2020 and 2021 when Stanton is due to make $28 million per season.

In other words, Stanton’s contract is right in line with what the Yankees are used to paying their players. And given his recent success, they’re probably happy to have him on board at that price.

The Yankees’ revenues are the highest in baseball.

The New York Yankees are the highest-earning baseball team in terms of revenue, according to Forbes. In 2017, the Yankees generated $619 million in revenue. The team’s net worth is $3.7 billion. The Yankees’ principal owner is Hal Steinbrenner, and their minority owners include the New York City real estate developer Bruce Ratner and the hedge fund manager Larry Robbins.

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