How Old Are Daddy Yankee’s Kids?

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Daddy Yankee’s kids are all grown up! His oldest child, Yamilet, is in her early twenties, while his youngest, Jesiree, is a teenager. in between, he has two sons – Zion and Río – who are both in their teens. Given that Daddy Yankee is now in his forties, his children span a wide range of ages.

Daddy Yankee’s eldest child, Yamilet, was born in 1999. She is currently 21 years old. Yamilet is Daddy Yankee’s only daughter. She has two older brothers – Zion and Río – and one younger sister, Jesiree. Yamilet is very close to her father and often posts pictures of them together on social media.

Zion, Daddy Yankee’s oldest son, was born in 2000. He is currently 18 years old. Zion is a talented young man who plays the drums and guitar. He has performed with his father on several occasions and is also involved in acting and modeling. In 2018, he appeared in an episode of the hit TV show “Orange Is the New Black.”

Río, Daddy Yankee’s second son, was born in 2003. He is currently 16 years old. Río is a talented footballer who has played for various youth teams over the years. In 2017, he was part of the Puerto Rican national team that won the CONCACAF Under-14 Championship.

Jesiree, Daddy Yankee’s youngest child, was born in 2005. She is currently 14 years old. Jesiree is a talented dancer who has performed with her father on several occasions. In 2019, she appeared alongside him in the music video for his song “Con Calma.”

Who is Daddy Yankee?

Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and producer. He is one of the most influential Latin artists of all time and has helped popularize the genre of reggaeton.

Born in 1972 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee (real name: Raymond Ayala) first rose to prominence as a member of the hip hop group Big Boys. He later embarked on a solo career and released his debut album No Mercy in 1995. His breakthrough came with the release of his second album Barrio Fino in 2004, which became the best-selling Latin album of all time.

Daddy Yankee has since released numerous hit songs and albums, including “Gasolina,” “Lo Que Pasó, Pasó,” “Despacito” and “Dura.” He has also starred in films such as Talento de Barrio (2008) and The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017).

Daddy Yankee has five children: two sons and three daughters. His oldest child, Yamilette Ayala, was born in 1992. His other children are Muhammad Mufti Ayala (born 2001), Noah Mufti Ayala (born 2004), Genesis Mufti Ayala (born 2007) and Jeremias Mufti Ayala (born 2009).

Daddy Yankee’s Family

Chris Moyles was born on February 22, 1974, in Leeds, England. He is the youngest of three children. Moyles has two older sisters, Gillian and Maria. His father, Ronald, was a banker; his mother, Irene, was a housewife. Moyles was educated at St Mary’s Catholic High School in Menston and also attended Leeds Metropolitan University (then Leeds Polytechnic), where he studied for a BA in Broadcast Journalism.

Daddy Yankee’s Kids

Daddy Yankee’s four kids range in age from 5 to 16. His eldest daughter, Nicole, was born in 2001, followed by his son, Jeremy, in 2004. His two younger daughters, Eliza and grains, were born in 2009 and 2012 respectively.


In conclusion, Daddy Yankee’s children are all teenagers or young adults. His eldest daughter, Meaning, is 19 years old and his eldest son, Jeremy, is 15 years old. His daughter Genesis is 13 years old and his son Presto is 11 years old. Daddy Yankee’s youngest child is his daughter Marly, who is 6 years old.

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