How Tall is Gardner? Yankees Fans Want to Know

Gardner is a key player for the Yankees, and fans are always curious about his stats. Here’s a look at his height and weight, and how he stacks up against other MLB players.

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Yankees Fans

On Monday, Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius started a Twitter campaign to find out how tall backup infielder Tyler Austin is. The campaign began with Gregorius tweeting “How tall is Tyler Austin?” and then tagging Austin in the tweet.

Gardner’s Height

Gardner is 6’1″, according to the Yankees’ website.

Why Fans Care

Many Yankees fans want to know how tall Brett Gardner is. The reason they care is because Gardner is one of the shortest players on the team, and they want to know if he is at a disadvantage because of his height.

Gardner is 5’10”, which is short for a major league baseball player. The average height of a MLB player is 6’2″. That means that Gardner is four inches shorter than the average player. However, Gardner makes up for his lack of height with his speed and athletic ability. He is one of the fastest players on the team and he has excellent fielding skills.

Despite his lack of height, Gardner has been successful in the majors. He was an All-Star in 2015 and he has hit over .270 in four of his seven seasons with the Yankees. He also stole 20 bases or more in five straight seasons from 2010-2014.

So, while many Yankees fans want to know how tall Brett Gardner is, they should also know that he is a very good baseball player who has been successful in the majors despite being shorter than most players.

Gardner’s Career

Garedn’s fans want to know how he tall he is. The Yankees have had a great season so far and are currently in first place in the AL East. They are looking to make a run at the World Series and Gardner is a big part of that. He is a speedy outfielder with a great arm. He can also hit for power and is batting .306 with 13 home runs and 52 RBIs so far this season.

Gardner’s Height

Standing 6’0” tall, Gardner’s professional career began when he was drafted in the third round of the 2005 MLB Draft by the New York Yankees. He made his Major League debut in 2008, and has remained with the Bronx Bombers ever since. Yankees fans have definitely taken notice of Gardner’s play — but they also can’t help but wonder: just how tall is Gardner, anyway?

Why Fans Care

Yankees fans have been abuzz lately over the prospect of slugger Aaron Judge being sidelined for an extended period of time with an oblique injury. In the midst of all the hand-wringing, some have taken to social media to ask a very important question: How tall is Gardner?

Gardner, for his part, has taken the inquiries in stride. After all, he’s used to being in the spotlight for his play on the field, not his height.

“I get it all the time,” Gardner told reporters when asked about the fascination with his height. “People are always shocked when they find out how tall I am.”

Gardner is listed at 6’1″, but many believe that he is actually shorter than that. While there is no definitive answer, one thing is certain: Gardner isn’t as tall as Judge.

So why do Yankees fans care so much about Gardner’s height? One theory is that they are hoping that he can fill the void left by Judge’s absence. Another is that they simply enjoy seeing him succeed, regardless of his stature.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Yankees fans are eager to see Gardner back on the field and making an impact.

Gardner’s Family

Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner is from Holly Hill, South Carolina. His father, Jerry, played minor league baseball in the Yankees organization. Brett’s grandfather, Jesse, was also a professional baseball player. Gardner’s great grandfather, George, played football at Clemson University. Brett’s uncle, Ralph, also played football at Clemson.

Gardner’s Height

Gardner is 6 feet, 0 inches tall and he weighs 205 pounds.

Why Fans Care

At 6-foot-7, Yankees reliever Gardner is one of the tallest pitchers in baseball. And every time he enters a game, fans can’t help but wonder: just how tall is he, anyway?

It’s not just an idle curiosity, either. In a sport where even a few inches can make a big difference, fans want to know if Gardner has an edge over his opponents. Does his height give him an extra few miles per hour on his fastball? Or does it make it harder for him to control his pitches?

Of course, Gardner isn’t the only tall player in the Major Leagues. There are plenty of other pitchers who are 6-foot-4 or taller. But there’s something about Gardner’s height that seems to fascinate fans. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t look like your typical baseball player. Or maybe it’s because he’s one of the few players who is actually taller than Yankee Stadium’s famed home run slugger, Aaron Judge.

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that Gardner’s height is one of the things that makes him unique. And that’s why fans will continue to wonder just how tall he really is.

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