How to Write About Sports on Common App?

Each activity provided in the common app’s activities section requires a description. “Please explain your action in 150 characters or fewer, including what you did and any accolades you got, etc.” says the box.

Similarly, What activities should I list on Common App?


Also, it is asked, Should I fill out all 10 activities on Common App?

It’s worth noting that most admitted applicants to prestigious universities complete 8-10 Common Application activities. The exception is usually a kid who excels in at least one extracurricular activity. Students should make an effort to diversify their extracurricular activities.

Secondly, How do you describe research on Common App?

You may write a brief paragraph in your supplementary information on the Common App outlining what sort of study you performed, summarizing your contribution, and perhaps include an abstract or publication link so that the admissions officer can look into it more if he or she so desires.

Also, Should I put hobbies on Common App?

Don’t put a pastime you just began last week on your Common Application only to fill up space. And don’t start mentioning stuff like “Petting my dog” or “Sleep.” In these circumstances, it is preferable to exclude their interests.

People also ask, What is an activity description?

The activity description for a specific schedule activity normally consists of a short phrase or label that is allocated to that schedule activity to help distinguish it from others.

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What honors should I put on Common App?

National Merit Scholar – Commended Student/Semifinalist National Merit Scholar – Commended Student/Semifinalist National Merit Scholar – Commended Student/Semifinalist National Merit Scholar – Scholar of the American Psychological Association. Honor Societies are a kind of honor society. Awards for the arts. Publications. Awards for outstanding accomplishment Awards for excellence in athletics. Local, state/regional, and national awards are available.

How do you describe your hobbies on the Common App?

Hobbies. Your pastimes come naturally to you. Running, reading novels, or crocheting are all activities that may be used to divert your attention away from school, but they can also be included as extracurricular activities. It’s much better if you can transform your interests into credentials that can be verified.

How do you rank activities on Common App?

6. Make a priority list of your activities. Place the activities that are most essential to you — and the ones that are most likely to impress schools — at the top of the list. The items in the list should be listed in ascending order of significance.

What happens if you lie on Common App?

If you’re detected, you’ll face serious repercussions. If adcoms discover that you lied on your application before the deadline, your application will very certainly be denied. If they discover you after you’ve been approved, your application may be withdrawn.

How do you describe NHS on Common App?

Surprisingly, 97.2 percent of members think the organization’s name is “National Honors Society.” If included on your Common App, remove the additional “s” and write “National Honor Society” appropriately.

How many extracurriculars can you put on the Common App?

10 after-school activities

Can I use abbreviations in Common App?

essential contributions you made – instead of writing a broad overview of the club or organization, focus on yourself and your participation in the activity. what you’ve accomplished. Symbols and abbreviations are acceptable.

How important are sports for college admission?

Recruited athletes, regardless of academic quality, have the greatest admissions benefits, according to research. The benefit varies depending on the sport and athletic category, but it is practically universal in higher education.

How do you answer how many weeks a year?

There is just one response. I’d indicate the amount of weeks you envisage yourself staying at the club. I’ve been a member of a few clubs for many years. So, even though I haven’t been in a club for 13 weeks or more this year, I know that it lasted that long last year.

Should I write the Covid essay Common App?

Essays will likely have more weight in admission choices this year than test results, as they did last year. The pandemic is discussed in an optional essay slot on both the Common App and the Coalition App. This article is a chance for you to share your pandemic experience as well as the lessons you’ve learned.

Is Common App hard to fill out?

While the Common App may seem to be the most difficult element of the college application process, it is really the most straightforward. It asks you things about yourself that you already know the answers to, such as your name, address, phone number, and so on. Don’t be hesitant to start filling out the Common Application.

What is the sentence of activity?

An example of an activity sentence. Their behavior is out of this world. She was fatigued as a result of all of the activities and lack of sleep. The sole hint of unusual activity was the open gate in the parking lot.

What is an example of an activity?

The termactivityrefers to anything you do or something that is happening. An example of an activity is going to the movies. An example of activity is a parade. A room alive with activity is one in which a large number of individuals are moving about.

Should I put student of the month on Common App?

So don’t be concerned if you don’t have anything to add. Neither do the majority of children. Honor Roll, Scholar Athlete, Student of the Month, NHS, National Merit, AP Scholar, and so on are examples of things you may put here. Simply leave the score section blank and transmit the official results whenever you obtain them.

Is Dean’s List an award or honor?

academic distinction

Can you go to jail for lying on college applications?

It’s never a good idea to lie on a college application. It’s unethical from a moral standpoint. It puts your prospects of admittance in jeopardy. If you’re detected, you’ll not only be denied entry, but you’ll also be sentenced to prison.

How do colleges know if you lie?

Colleges are skilled at identifying irregularities in your application. When things you say don’t match what your professors or counselors say in letters of recommendation, they’ll notice. Colleges will not hesitate to contact your counselor to confirm any information that does not seem to be correct.

Should you put NHS on Common App activities?

National Honor Society (NHS) should be included in the Activities section in general, particularly if you made a significant contribution to the group, whether via leadership, community service, or other means. You’ll be able to discuss your contribution to the group in more depth this way.

How do I explain NHS to my college application?

Put NHS under community service or other club/activity if you have an academic activity. Put NHS under academic or community service if your activity is listed as other club/activity.

How would you describe NHS?

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the country’s most prestigious organization for honoring exceptional high school students. NHS is more than an honor roll; it serves to celebrate students who have excelled in the areas of academics, service, leadership, and character.

Do colleges like sports?

Sports, without a doubt, are a fantastic way to learn teamwork and keep in shape. However, since schools see so many players, it’s difficult to stand out unless you’re a recruitable athlete. Unfortunately, many children must forego school groups in order to participate in sports.

How many extracurriculars is too much?

Fewer activities indicate a lack of desire to stretch out and try something new, but having more than six activities is unsustainable for the majority of students.


The “sample common app activities section example” is an example of a draft for the Common App. The Common Application asks applicants to write about their favorite sports and what they like to do in their free time.

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