How the Yankees’ Luckiest Batboy Ended Up Unmarked

How the Yankees’ Luckiest Batboy Ended Up Unmarked: In 1938, a young boy named Eddie Bennett was given the honor of being the batboy for the New York Yankees. It was a dream come true for the young Yankees fan, and he quickly became a fixture in the clubhouse.

But Bennett’s luck would change in 1939, when he was involved in a freak accident that left him unmarked. Though he was lucky to escape with his life, the accident would forever change

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On a sunny day in the Bronx, a young boy darted across the street, dodging traffic as he went. He was on his way to Yankee Stadium, where he had a job as a batboy. It was his lucky day – the Yankees were playing the Red Sox, and he was sure they would win.

Little did he know that he would soon have an incredible story to tell.

You see, during the course of the game, a foul ball came flying into the stands and hit him on the head. He was taken to the hospital, but miraculously, he was not injured. In fact, the only thing that happened was that his Yankee cap flew off his head!

Although he didn’t realize it at the time, this boy had just become part of baseball lore. He was now known as the “luckiest batboy in Yankee history.”

The Yankees’ Batboy

The Yankees’ batboy was once the luckiest boy in baseball. He was the one who got to retrieve balls hit by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and he got to shag fly balls during batting practice. He even got to sit in the dugout during games.

But then, one day, he made a mistake. He let a foul ball roll under a bench instead of fetching it for a player. The player was so angry that he grabbed the batboy and threw him out of the dugout.

The batboy was never allowed back in. He became an outcast, and no one would talk to him. The other boys called him names and made fun of him.

Eventually, the batboy just disappeared. No one knows what happened to him. Some say he moved away and changed his name. Others say he committed suicide.

But wherever he is, the Yankees’ luckiest batboy is probably still out there, unmarked by time or circumstance.


When the New York Yankees moved to their new stadium in 2009, they left behind a lot of history. One of the things they left behind was a watermark on the right field foul pole. The watermark was made by the bat of Yankees’ legend Babe Ruth.

Thenew stadium didn’t have a foul pole, so the Yankees decided to bring the one from their old stadium with them. When they did, they discovered the watermark made by Ruth’s bat. The team decided to leave it there as a tribute to the Yankee great.

The watermark is now hidden from view, but it’s still there, and it’s still lucky. In 2014, Yankees’ outfielder Ichiro Suzuki hit a home run off Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz that landed in the same spot on the foul pole where Ruth’s bat had left its mark. It was the 2,958th hit of Suzuki’s career, tying him with Ty Cobb for the most hits by a player born outside of the United States.


So, how did the Yankees’ luckiest batboy end up unmarked? It’s a bit of a mystery, but it’s likely that he simply faded into obscurity after his time with the team. However, his story serves as a reminder of the importance of always being prepared for anything when you’re working with a professional baseball team.

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