What Channel is the Yankees Twins Game On Tonight?

Looking to catch the Yankees-Twins game tonight? Here’s what channel you can find it on.

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The Yankees are playing the Twins tonight. The game is set to start at 7:05 PM EST. Here is what channel you can watch the game on tonight.

The Yankees Twins Rivalry

The Yankees-Twins rivalry is a Major League Baseball (MLB) rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are in the American League (AL) Central division, while the Yankees are in the AL East division. The rivalry began in 1901, when the Twins were known as the Washington Senators, and has been a staple of AL baseball ever since.

The two teams have played each other 2,427 times (as of September 2019), with the Yankees winning 1,276 games and the Twins winning 1,151 games. The teams have also met eleven times in the postseason, with the Yankees winning eight of those series.

The most recent postseason meeting between the two teams was in 2017, when the Yankees beat the Twins in the AL Wild Card Game.

Where to Watch the Game

The Yankees and Twins will face off tonight in what promises to be an exciting game. If you want to catch all the action, here’s where you can watch the game.

For those in the New York area, the game will be televised on WPIX. The game will also be available to stream on MLB.TV.

Those in the Minnesota area can watch the game on Fox Sports North. The game will also be available to stream on MLB.TV.


The Yankees Twins game will be on ESPN tonight at 7 pm ET.

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