What Channel are the Yankees and Red Sox on Today?

Wondering what channel the Yankees and Red Sox are on today? Check out our blog post to find out!

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The Yankees are playing the Red Sox today at 1:05pm. The game is being broadcast on the YES Network.

Check the Yankees schedule

You can check the Yankees schedule on their website. The Yankees are playing the Red Sox today.

Find the Yankees channel

Depending on your location, the Yankees channel will be different. Check your local listings or use a TV guide to find the Yankees channel in your area. You can also find the Yankees channel by searching for “Yankees” on your TV’s on-screen guide.

Red Sox

The Red Sox are on NESN today at 7pm.

Check the Red Sox schedule

You can always find the latest Red Sox schedule on their website, which will list all their upcoming games as well as TV channels and start times. Today, the Red Sox are playing the Yankees at 1:05pm EDT on ESPN.

Find the Red Sox channel

To find the channel for the Red Sox, you will need to look up the game schedule and select your provider. The Red Sox channel will depend on whether the game is being televised nationally or regionally. If the game is being televised nationally, it will be on ESPN, Fox Sports 1, or MLB Network. If the game is being televised regionally, it will be on NESN in the New England area, or on your local Fox or NBC Sports affiliate.

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