What Do the Yankees Have to Do to Clinch?

The Yankees have to win one more game to clinch the AL East title. Here’s a look at what they have to do to make it happen.

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The Yankees’ magic number is

The Yankees’ magic number is 2. Any combination of 2 Yankee wins or Red Sox losses will clinch the AL East division title for the Yankees.

They need to win

The Yankees need to win to clinch the AL East. They would also clinch if the Rays lose.

They need the Rays to lose

The Yankees would clinch the AL East title with a victory Sunday night — and a Rays loss to the Blue Jays in Toronto.

They need the Twins to lose

The Yankees need the Twins to lose one more game or they need to win one more game. If they win one more game, they will have the best record in the AL and will clinch home-field advantage throughout the AL playoffs.

They need the Indians to lose

The Yankees entered Wednesday a game behind the Indians for the AL’s best record, meaning they need to finish with a better record to earn home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

To do that, they need the Indians to lose and they need to win.

It’s that simple.

The Yankees have three games remaining — all at home against the Rays — while the Indians have four games left, all on the road against the Royals.

So, if the Yankees win out and the Indians lose out, then the Yankees will clinch home-field advantage.

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