What Does Thumbs Down Mean for Yankees Fans?

The Yankees lost to the Red Sox last night, and fans are giving thumbs down. What does this mean for the team?

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Thumbs Down

Yankees fans are known for giving the thumbs down gesture to opposing players. This gesture is meant to show disapproval and disdain. Yankees fans are some of the most passionate fans in baseball, and they are known for their loyalty to their team.


When a player is said to have “thumbs down” it means that the player is not favored by the fans. The player may be booed or cheered, but the general consensus is that the player is not liked.


The tradition of giving a player the thumbs down began in the late 1970s at Yankee Stadium. It is believed to have started when a group of fans gave Yankees outfielder Reggie Jackson the thumbs down after he struck out. The fans were unhappy with Jackson, who they felt was not living up to his potential.

The tradition has continued over the years, and today it is most often seen when a player is struggling or is not performing up to expectations. Fans will give the player the thumbs down as a way to show their displeasure.

In recent years, some fans have started giving the thumbs down to umpires who make bad calls against the Yankees. This has become especially common at home games, where fans can be very vocal in their disapproval.

While it may seem like a negative gesture, Yankee fans see it as a way to show their support for their team and players. They believe that by showing their disappointment, they are motivating the team to do better.

Yankees Fans

Yankees fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in all of baseball. They live and breathe Yankees baseball. So, when Yankees players receive a thumbs down from the fans, it can be a pretty big deal.


Some Yankees fans have taken to giving the team a “thumbs down” gesture when they are unhappy with something. The most common time this happens is when a player is released or traded, as fans may feel like the team is giving up on them.

The “thumbs down” gesture has also been used by Yankees fans when players do something perceived as stupid, such as making a baserunning error. In general, it seems to be a way for Yankees fans to voice their displeasure with the team without getting too aggressive.


Whether you love them or hate them, the New York Yankees are one of the most iconic baseball teams in history. Their fans are just as passionate, and they’re not afraid to show it – especially when they give someone the thumbs down.

So, what does thumbs down mean for Yankees fans? It’s actually a gesture of disapproval, and it’s often directed at opposing players or umpires. Sometimes it’s used as a way to mock an opponent, but it can also be a sign of respect for a player who is having a good game.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – when Yankees fans give you the thumbs down, they’re letting you know that they’re not happy with you.


In conclusion, the “thumbs down” gesture is a way for Yankees fans to show their disapproval, typically of an opposing player or team. The gesture has also been known to be used by fans of other teams, but its origins and meaning are most likely specific to Yankee Stadium and its fans.

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