What Happened to the Yankees Cat?

A look at what happened to the Yankees Cat, who disappeared after the team’s 2017 playoff run.

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On July 25, 2017, the New York Yankees announced that they would be replacing their live mascot, a white-and-gray tabby cat named Scooter, with a new, more youthful-looking feline. The decision to get rid of Scooter was met with some controversy among fans, who accused the team of abandonment and animal cruelty.

The Yankees Cat

The Yankees Cat, also known as the New York Yankees Cat, was a black and white cat that became a viral sensation after appearing on thefield during a game at Yankee Stadium in May 2018. The cat ran across the field during the seventh inning of a game between the Yankees and the Houston Astros, delaying the game for a few minutes as players and stadium staff attempted to catch it. The cat was eventually captured by security and taken to an animal shelter.

While most animals that end up on baseball fields are removed and humanely euthanized, the Yankees Cat was lucky enough to be adopted by one of the stadium’s security guards, who took it home to live with his family. The cat became an internet celebrity and even had its own Twitter account with over 10,000 followers.

The New Cat

There is a new cat in town, and his name is Judge. Judge is a massive feline at 6’7″ and275 pounds. He loves the Yankees, and he has taken over the job of being their unofficial mascot. He can be seen leading cheers at Yankee Stadium and he has even been known to attend team meetings.


After an intense search that included the help of the NYPD, the Yankees cat was found and returned to its rightful owner, the Yankees. The cat has since retired from baseball and now lives a peaceful life in Florida with its family.

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