Hibbett Sports: What Time Does It Open on Jordan Release Days?

Hibbett Sports is a leading retailer of sporting goods and apparel, and they always have the latest and greatest gear from the biggest brands. So, if you’re looking to score the newest Jordans on release day, you’ll want to head to Hibbett Sports. But what time does the store open?

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Hibbett Sports is a retail sporting goods store that specializes in selling athletic footwear and apparel. The company was founded in 1945, and today operates Hibbett Sports stores across the United States.

In recent years, Hibbett Sports has become known for carrying a large selection of Jordan brand products. Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike, and produces high-end basketball sneakers and other athletic gear.

Release days for new Jordan products are highly anticipated events, and Hibbett Sports stores often open early to accommodate customers who are looking to get their hands on the latest products.

If you’re planning on heading to Hibbett Sports on a Jordan release day, it’s important to know what time the store opens. Here’s a look at what time Hibbett Sports doors open on Jordan release days.

What is Hibbett Sports?

Hibbett Sports is a leading athletic-inspired fashion retailer with more than 1,000 stores across the United States. Hibbett Sports offers a wide assortment of sporting goods, athletic equipment, footwear and apparel.

The History of Hibbett Sports

Hibbett Sports is a sporting goods retailer that was founded in 1945. The company has since grown to over 1,000 stores in 36 states. Hibbett Sports is known for carrying a wide range of sports equipment and apparel, as well as being one of the go-to retailers for Jordan release days. So, what time does Hibbett Sports open on Jordan release days?

While the exact time may vary depending on the location, most Hibbett Sports stores open at 8:00am on Jordan release days. This allows customers to be one of the first in line to get their hands on the newest release.

If you’re looking to score the latest Jordan release, make sure you head to Hibbett Sports on the day of the drop!

What Time Does Hibbett Sports Open on Jordan Release Days?

According to their website, Hibbett Sports opens at 6 AM on Jordan release days.

Why Is There Such a Rush to Get Jordan Shoes?

There are a few reasons why people are so eager to get their hands on a pair of Jordan shoes. For one, they’re often seen as a status symbol. Owning a pair of Jordans can show that you’re fashionable and up-to-date with the latest trends.

But Jordan shoes are also seen as an investment. The value of a pair of sneakers can go up significantly over time, especially if they’re limited edition or hard-to-find. So, people are willing to pay a lot of money to get their hands on a pair of Jordans – and they’ll line up for hours to make sure they get them.

How to Get the New Jordans

It’s no secret that diehard fans of the Air Jordan line will go to great lengths to score a new release. Fortunately, Hibbett Sports provides a reasonable and convenient way for fans to purchase the latest Jordans on release day. Here are Hibbett Sports’ Jordan release day guidelines to help you get your hands on a new pair of Jordans as soon as they drop.

Hibbett Sports stores across the country open at their regular time on Jordan release days. However, due to the high demand for certain styles, release days also feature a ticketing system designed to keep the purchasing process fair for everyone. Once the store opens, customers can obtain a numbered ticket by text or by approaching a store employee. Tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and customers are allowed one ticket per person. When their number is called, customers have 10 minutes to make their purchase before their ticket becomes void and another customer can be called up.

In addition to in-store releases, Hibbett Sports also offers online Jordan releases for select styles. For these releases, Hibbett Sports opens up online sales at 10am EST on the release date listed on the product page. As with in-store releases, one item is allowed per customer/order, and all sales are final.

The Different Types of Jordan Shoes

There are a few different types of Jordan shoes that are released each year. The most common type is the Retro, which is a re-release of a classic Jordan shoe. There are also new styles that Jordan releases each year, which are usually referred to as the “Defining Moments Pack” or the “Doernbecher Freestyle Collection.” Finally, there are limited edition shoes that are released in very small quantities.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Jordans

The latest “must have” item for sneakerheads is a pair of Air Jordans. Nike releases a new version of the shoe every year, and each release is highly anticipated. Many people camp out overnight to be one of the first to buy the shoes when they go on sale.

There are pros and cons to buying Jordans, or any highly sought-after item. On the plus side, you will have the shoes that everyone wants. You will also get to be one of the first people to wear them. On the downside, you may have to pay more than retail price for the shoes if you buy them from a reseller. You may also have to camp out overnight or wait in line for hours to get your hands on a pair.

So, what time does Hibbett Sports open on Jordan release days? The answer may vary depending on the location, but generally speaking, most Hibbett Sports stores will open at 8:00AM on Jordan release days.

Where to Buy Jordans Other Than Hibbett Sports

There are a few other places to buy Jordans other than Hibbett Sports. You can try your luck on eBay or Craigslist, but you might pay more than retail price. StockX is a good option if you’re looking for specific shoes that are hard to find. You can also check out Finish Line, Champs Sports, or Dick’s Sporting Goods.


It is important to know what time your local Hibbett Sports store opens on Jordan release days, so you can be sure to get the pair of shoes you want. The answer may vary depending on the location of the store, but generally, Hibbett Sports stores open at 10:00am on Jordan release days.

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