What Time is the Yankees Game On Today?

Find out the answer to this question and more by checking out the Yankees schedule.

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Yankees Game Today

The Yankees are playing the Red Sox today at 7:05 PM. The game is at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Yankees Game Schedule

The New York Yankees play their home games at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. The stadium opened in 2009 and has a capacity of 54,251.

Yankees Game Time

The Yankees game today is at 7:05pm.

Yankees Game Location

If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees, you might be wondering what time the Yankees game is on today. The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including the team’s schedule, the time zone you’re in, and whether or not you have access to a TV or other streaming device.

If you live in the Eastern Time Zone, the Yankees game today will start at 1:05pm. If you live in a different time zone, you can use this handy tool to figure out what time the game will start in your area.

You can watch the Yankees game today on your local FOX affiliate if you have a TV. If you don’t have a TV, you can stream the game live on MLB.TV if you have an active subscription.

Yankees Game Tickets

Today’s Yankees game is at 7:05 PM EST. You can purchase tickets to the game on the Yankees website.

Yankees Game Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for New York Yankees home games vary depending on the game, day and opponent. For example, prices for a game against the Boston Red Sox will be higher than a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Prices also vary depending on the day of the week, with weekend games (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) typically being more expensive than weekday games (Monday through Thursday).

Yankees Game Ticket Availability

As of right now, there are still some tickets available for today’s Yankees game. You can check ticket availability and purchase tickets online at the Yankees website. The game is scheduled to start at 7:05pm ET.

Yankees Game Ticket Sales

The Yankees are a baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. They are one of two major league clubs based in New York City, the other being the National League’s (NL) New York Mets. The Yankees began play in the 1901 season as the Baltimore Orioles (no relation to the modern Baltimore Orioles team), playing host to a predecessor of what is known today as the Tampa Bay Rays. In 1903, Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the franchise after it ceased operations and moved it to New York City, where they renamed it the New York Highlanders. The Highlanders were officially renamed as the “Yankees” in 1913.

Since 1973, the Yankees have played their home games at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, which is also home to an MLB Museum and Hall of Fame dedicated to honoring Yankee greats both past and present. The Yankees have won 27 World Series championships—more than any other MLB team—and 40 American League (AL) pennants, winning their first AL title in 1921. They also appeared in ten World Series losing eight times. Their 27 World Series championships is far and away the most of any team; no other MLB team has won more than seven times.

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