What Was the Score of the Red Sox Yankees Game?

Did you miss the big game? Check out our blog post to find out what the final score was between the Red Sox and the Yankees.

Checkout this video:

Check the date of the game.

The Red Sox and Yankees play each other many times throughout the course of a season. The game you are referencing may have happened recently, or it may have occurred last season. Be sure to check the date before looking up the score, as this will ensure you are finding the correct game.

To find the score of a past game, you can check baseball websites such as MLB.com or ESPN.com. These websites will have a database of past scores that you can search through. Simply enter in the date of the game and the teams’ names, and the website will bring up the score.

Go to baseball-reference.com

You can find the score of the Red Sox Yankees game by going to baseball-reference.com.

The date you are looking for the game score can be found by searching in the search bar. The scores for every game will be displayed on that page.

Find the game you are looking for and click on the score.

The Yankees and Red Sox have played each other 2,425 times since 1903. The Yankees have won 1,271 of those games, the Red Sox 1,154. That’s a winning percentage of .547 for the Yankees and .475 for the Red Sox.

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