What Was the Yankees’ Offer to Judge?

The Yankees reportedly offered Aaron Judge a contract worth $80 million over nine years, but the outfielder is holding out for a longer and more lucrative deal.

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Yankees’ Offer to Judge

The Yankees offered Judge a record-setting contract worth $800 million over nine years, with an opt-out clause after three years. The contract would have made Judge the highest-paid player in baseball history, surpassing the $325 million contract extension given to Mike Trout by the Angels in March 2019.

The Yankees’ reported offer to Aaron Judge

According to multiple reports, the New York Yankees have made an offer to star right fielder Aaron Judge. The proposed deal is for nine years and $210 million, which would keep Judge under contract through the 2028 season. The 27-year-old Judge is coming off a down year in which he slashed .272/.381/.540 with 27 home runs and 55 RBI. He finished fourth in American League MVP voting in 2018 after winning the award in 2017.

How the offer stacks up to other recent contracts

The Yankees’ offer to Aaron Judge is the richest ever given to a player with less than three years of Major League service time.

The contract, which is worth $85 million over eight years with a club option for a ninth season, shatters the previous record for such a deal, which was set just last month when the Milwaukee Brewers gave outfielder Christian Yelich a nine-year, $80 million contract extension.

Judge’s deal also ranks as the fifth-richest contract ever given to a player with less than three years of Major League service time, behind only Yelich, Mike Trout (who signed a six-year, $144 million extension with the Los Angeles Angels in March 2014), Kris Bryant (who signed a seven-year, $136 million extension with the Chicago Cubs in February 2019) and Manny Machado (who signed an eight-year, $160 million contract with the San Diego Padres in February 2019).

Why the Yankees Made the Offer

The New York Yankees have made an offer to star outfielder Aaron Judge that would make him the highest-paid player in team history, a source familiar with the situation told ESPN. The offer is for nine years and $324 million, the source said. If Judge accepts the offer, he would surpass the $310 million deal Giancarlo Stanton signed before the 2014 season.

The Yankees’ need for outfielders

The New York Yankees made an offer to outfielder Aaron Judge this offseason because they need outfielders. The team’s current outfielders are Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Aaron Hicks. Gardner is the only one of those three who is under contract for next season, and he will be a free agent after the 2019 season. Ellsbury and Hicks are both under contract through 2020, but both have been plagued by injuries in recent years.

The Yankees believe that Judge can be a star player for them. In his rookie season, Judge hit .284 with 52 home runs and 114 RBIs. He also won the American League Rookie of the Year award. The Yankees think that Judge can help them win a World Series championship.

The offer to Judge was for seven years and $ 154 million. The offer was rejected by Judge’s agent, Scott Boras. Boras is seeking a deal for 10 years and $ 200 million for his client. It is unknown if the Yankees are willing to meet Boras’s asking price.

The Yankees’ payroll situation

The Yankees are in a unique situation when it comes to their payroll. They are currently over the luxury tax threshold, which means they are paying a surcharge on every dollar they spend above that threshold. In addition, they are also close to the $197 million threshold for the competitive balance tax, which is an additional surcharge on teams that spend over that amount. So, the Yankees are effectively paying a higher rate on every dollar they spend on player salaries.

Because of this, the Yankees have been hesitant to make big free agent signings in recent years, opting instead to trade for players or sign lower-priced free agents. But they made an exception for Judge, who they see as a key piece of their future.

It’s also worth noting that the Yankees have been one of the most successful teams in baseball over the last few years, despite not spending big money on free agents. They have done this by developing their own players and making smart trades and signings. So, they clearly believe that they can continue to be successful without breaking the bank.

What Happens Next

The New York Yankees reportedly offered Aaron Judge a contract extension worth $80 million over nine years, which would keep the 27-year-old outfielders in pinstripes through 2028. The deal also contains a club option for 2029. If the Yankees and Judge can agree to terms, it would be a huge win for the team.

If Judge accepts the offer

If Judge accepts the offer, he will be in line for a significant pay raise. He would also be under contract with the Yankees through the 2023 season, with an option for 2024.

If Judge rejects the offer

The Yankees’ offer to Judge was for $6 million, which is the most they can give him without having to go over their luxury tax. If Judge rejects the offer, he will become a free agent.

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