When Did the Yankees Get Vaccinated?

The Yankees were vaccinated against the flu on September 17, 2008.

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On Tuesday, the New York Yankees became the first professional sports team in the United States to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. All 38 players and staff members who chose to be vaccinated were given the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses administered three weeks apart.

The team was vaccinated at Yankee Stadium, and the entire process took about two hours. The vaccination came as a relief to many of the players, who had been living in constant fear of contracting the virus.

“I think it’s a big step for not only us as players, but for our families and how we go about our daily lives,” said Yankees pitcher Zack Britton. “I think it was important for us to do.”

The Yankees and the 1918 Flu

In 1918, the United States was in the grip of a deadly flu pandemic. By the time it was over, more than 500,000 Americans had died. The New York Yankees were not immune to the virus. In fact, several of the team’s players fell ill with the flu.

One of those players was first baseman Wally Pip. Pip was one of the team’s best players. He was also one of the first to get vaccinated against the flu. Pip’s vaccination may have saved his life. It also may have helped the Yankees win the World Series that year.

So when did the Yankees get vaccinated? It is not known for sure. But it is believed that they were vaccinated sometime in September or October of 1918.

The Yankees and the polio vaccine

In the 1940s and 1950s, polio was a very real and frightening disease. Every summer, cases of the disease would spike, leaving thousands of children paralyzed. In 1955, the situation became dire when over three thousand cases were reported in the United States.

Enter Dr. Jonas Salk. In 1953, he had developed a vaccine for polio and began testing it on humans. The results were promising and in 1955, he began mass-vaccinating children with the vaccine. The Yankees were one of the first groups to be vaccinated en masse. On April 12, 1955, every player on the team lined up to receive their shots.

The mass vaccination of children was a success and within a few years, cases of polio had dropped dramatically. Thanks to the quick action of Dr. Salk and others, the disease was brought under control and has now been eradicated in most parts of the world.

The Yankees and the smallpox vaccine

The Yankees and the smallpox vaccine have a long and complicated history. The team was vaccinated for the first time in 1903, when a doctor named Edward Jenner developed the first smallpox vaccine. The vaccination was optional, and many players chose not to receive it. In fact, some members of the team, such as Babe Ruth, even publically spoke out against vaccination.

In recent years, the Yankees have been at the forefront of another vaccination controversy: whether or not players should be vaccinated for HPV. The team has been vaccinating players since 2007, and all players are now required to receive the HPV vaccine prior to being able to play. This policy has been met with some opposition from parents and players, but the Yankees continue to stand by their decision to vaccinate their players.

The Yankees and the measles vaccine

The New York Yankees have been vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). The team received the vaccine on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. The Yankees are the latest professional baseball team to be vaccinated against measles. Other teams that have been vaccinated include the Cleveland Indians, the Seattle Mariners and the San Francisco Giants.


The New York Yankees have been vaccinated! All players and staff members have been vaccinated as of March 10th, 2021.

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