When Do the Mets Play the Yankees in 2022?

Find out when the New York Mets will play the New York Yankees during the 2022 MLB regular season.

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The New York Mets and the New York Yankees are two of the most iconic baseball teams in America. The two teams share a city and a rivalry that dates back to the early days of the sport. The Mets and Yankees have met in the World Series a total of 10 times, with the Yankees winning 8 of those matchups. The most recent meeting was in 2000, when the Yankees won in 5 games.

The Mets and Yankees play each other a total of 6 times every regular season, with 3 games happening at each team’s home stadium. In 2021, the first series between the two teams will take place from April 5th-7th at Yankee Stadium, followed by a return series at Citi Field from September 27th-29th. The schedule for the 2022 season has not yet been released, but based on the 2021 schedule, it is safe to assume that the Mets and Yankees will face off against each other in April and September of that year as well.

The Rivalry

The Mets and the Yankees are two rival baseball teams in New York City. They play each other every year in what is known as the “Subway Series.” The rivalry is one of the most intense in all of sports, and fans of both teams are always eager to see who will come out on top.

The two teams will meet again in 2022, with the first game taking place on April 5th at Yankee Stadium. The second game will be played the following day at Citi Field, home of the Mets. These two teams have a storied history, and there is no doubt that their meeting in 2022 will be just as exciting as ever.

The Schedule

The New York Mets’ schedule for the 2022 season has not yet been released. The Mets’ home opener is typically in early April, and the team typically plays the Yankees in late April or early May. The Mets’ schedule will be released in late January or early February of 2022.


That’s the Mets vs. Yankees schedule for the upcoming season. These two teams will face off a total of seven times in 2022, with four games taking place at Citi Field and three games taking place at Yankee Stadium. The first matchup of the season will be on April 8th at Citi Field, and the final matchup will be on September 28th at Yankee Stadium.

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