When Do the Yankees Play Boston?

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox rivalry is one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports. Find out when these two teams play each other during the 2019 MLB season.

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The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are two of the most iconic rivals in all of professional sports. The two teams have been competing against each other for over 100 years, and the rivalry is as strong as ever. So, when do the Yankees play Boston?

The answer to that question depends on a few factors. First, it depends on what time of year it is. The Yankees and the Red Sox play each other most often during the regular baseball season, which runs from April to September. However, they also sometimes play each other during Spring Training, which takes place in February and March.

Second, it depends on whether or not the two teams are in the same division. Usually, the Yankees and the Red Sox are in different divisions (the American League East and American League East, respectively), so they don’t play each other as often during the regular season. However, there are occasions when they are in the same division (such as in 2018), which means they play each other a lot more often.

So, when do the Yankees play Boston? The answer is: it depends!

The History of the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry

The Yankees and the Red Sox have been bitter rivals since before the turn of the century, and the feud between the two clubs has only intensified in recent years. The two teams have met in the playoffs numerous times, with the Yankees coming out on top more often than not.

The rivalry can be traced back to 1903, when the upstart Americans (now the Red Sox) defeated the established National League club (the Yankees) in the first modern World Series. The Yankees would exact their revenge in 1912, however, when they defeated the Red Sox in one of baseball’s most dramatic comebacks.

The two teams would meet again in the playoffs in 1949, with the Yankees once again emerging victorious. This would start a streak of 16 consecutive seasons in which the Yankees made it to the World Series, winning nine titles during that time. The Red Sox would finally break through and win a championship in 2004, but not before enduring one of the most infamous moments in baseball history: Aaron Boone’s walk-off home run in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.

The rivalry between these two teams is unlike any other in baseball, and it shows no signs of cooling off anytime soon.

The 2019 Schedule

The New York Yankees will play the Boston Red Sox 19 times in the 2019 regular season. The first game of the season series will be on April 10th at Fenway Park, and the final game of the season series will be on September 29th at Yankee Stadium.


Yankees-Red Sox is always a marquee series, and the 2019 edition will be no different. From April 10-11, the Red Sox will host the Yankees at Fenway Park for what should be two electric games. Both teams are expected to contend for the AL East title, so these games could have major implications come October.

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