When Do the Yankees Play the Dodgers?

Find out when the Yankees play the Dodgers during the 2019 regular season.

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The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers are two of the most iconic teams in Major League Baseball. They have a long history of playing each other dating back to when they were both in the American League. The two teams have played each other 2,430 times since their first meeting in 1903. They have met 11 times in the World Series, with the Yankees winning 9 of those series. The last time they met in the World Series was in 1981.

The Yankees

The Yankees are a baseball team that plays in the American League East division. The Yankees have won 27 World Series championships, more than any other team in baseball history. The Yankees play their home games at Yankee Stadium, located in the Bronx, New York City. The Dodgers are a baseball team that plays in the National League West division. The Dodgers have won the World Series six times, most recently in 1988. The Dodgers play their home games at Dodger Stadium, located in Los Angeles, California.


The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. They are one of two major league clubs based in New York City; the other is the National League (NL)’s New York Mets. The Yankees began play in 1901 as an expansion team called the Baltimore Orioles (no relation to the modern Baltimore Orioles). In 1903, Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the franchise after it ceased operations and moved it to New York City, renaming the club the New York Highlanders. The Highlanders were officially renamed as the “Yankees” in 1913.

Rivalry with the Dodgers

One of the most intense rivalries in baseball, the Yankees and the Dodgers have a long and heated history dating back to 1913. The teams first played each other in an exhibition game that year, and they’ve been meeting on the field ever since.

The Yankees and the Dodgers have faced each other in the World Series a total of 11 times, with New York winning eight of those championships. The two teams have also met in the playoffs several times outside of the World Series, most recently in 2017 when the Yankees defeated the Dodgers in the American League Championship Series.

The rivalry between these two teams is so strong that even their fans can’t stand each other. When they meet, it’s not uncommon for tempers to flare and fights to break out between members of the opposing sides.

No matter how much bad blood there is between them, though, there’s no denying that when these two teams meet on the field, it’s always must-see baseball.

The Dodgers

The Yankees are a team in the MLB who have been around since 1903. The Dodgers are a team in the MLB who have been around since 1884.


In 1884, the Brooklyn Dodgers franchise was established as a member of the American Association. The team would play in the Providence Grays (1878–1885) and Worcester Ruby Legs (1886) before finding moderate success in the National League. The team won a World Series title in 1955, their first appearance in seven years and their only one while based in Brooklyn.

Rivalry with the Yankees

The rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees is one of the most storied rivalries in all of baseball. The two teams have met 11 times in the World Series, with the Yankees winning nine of those meetings. The most recent meeting was in 1981, when the Dodgers won their first ever World Series title.

The Schedule

The Yankees play the Dodgers on July 18th at 7:05pm. They play again on July 19th at the same time, and then on July 20th at 1:05pm.

When the Yankees Play the Dodgers

The New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be playing each other in a three-game series from Tuesday, August 13th to Thursday, August 15th. The games will be held at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.


The Yankees and the Dodgers play each other every year, alternating between home and away games. The home games alternate between Yankee Stadium and Dodger Stadium. The next scheduled matchup is on August 13th, 2020, at Yankee Stadium.

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