When Do Yankees Tickets Go On Sale?

Find out when Yankees tickets go on sale so you can catch your favorite team in action. Check out our guide for all the details.

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Yankees tickets go on sale each year in early February, making them one of the first teams to put their tickets on sale for the upcoming season. Yankees ticket prices vary depending on the game you want to attend and where your seats are located. You can usually find the best deals on Yankees tickets by buying them in advance or waiting until the last minute.

When do Yankees tickets go on sale?

single game tickets for the New York Yankees go on sale in early April. You can buy tickets online, by phone, or in person at the Yankee Stadium box office. Be sure to check the website or call the box office for exact dates and times, as they are subject to change.

How to get Yankees tickets

Yankees tickets go on sale in early January for the upcoming season. The best way to get tickets is to sign up for an account at Yankees.com and register for an opportunity to purchase tickets in an online sale.


The answer to the question “when do Yankees tickets go on sale?” is complicated. There is no single answer that applies to all fans or all situations. The best way to find out when tickets go on sale for a specific game or event is to contact the Yankees directly, or check their website frequently for updates.

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