Yankees Spring Training 2013: Start Date and Schedule

The Yankees have announced their Spring Training 2013 schedule. Find out when the Yankees will start their training and what their schedule looks like.

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The New York Yankees will open their 2013 Spring Training campaign on February 22, when they host the Boston Red Sox at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.

This will be the Yankees’ 14th season playing in Tampa and their 81st overall in Florida. The team will play a total of 30 games during the Grapefruit League season, which wraps up on March 30.

As always, fans can expect a number of marquee games on the schedule, including contests against the crosstown rival Mets, as well as traditional match-ups with the Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Below is a complete list of the Yankees’ 2013 Spring Training opponents, start times, and locations.

The Yankees’ Spring Training Schedule

The Yankees will start their 2013 spring training on February 12th with their first game against the Braves. The Yankees have 31 spring training games scheduled. You can view the full schedule here.

The Start Date

The Yankees’ spring training for 2013 will begin on February 12th.

The End Date

The Yankees will finish their 2013 Spring Training schedule on Wednesday, April 3rd. They are slated to play 33 exhibition games in total. The team will play 19 Grapefruit League games and 14 contests against other Major League clubs.

The Games

The Yankees will play their first Spring Training game on Saturday, February 23, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They will play a total of 33 games during Spring Training, 16 of which will be played at home in George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.

Here is the complete schedule for the Yankees’ Spring Training games:

23 – vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (away)
24 – vs. Toronto Blue Jays (home)
25 – vs. Detroit Tigers (home)
26 – vs. Tampa Bay Rays (away)
28 – vs. Philadelphia Phillies (away)


Despite the many changes to the Yankees organization this offseason, there is still much to be excited about as we head into Spring Training 2013. The team has a fresh look, with some new faces in key positions. And while they may not be the overwhelming favorites that they have been in years past, they are still a force to be reckoned with. So dust off those Yankee jerseys and start making your plans to head down to Tampa in February!

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