When is the Yankees’ Next Game?

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Yankees’ Next Game

The Yankees are a Major League Baseball team that plays in the American League East Division. Their next game is against the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday, August 9th at 7:05pm.

Check the Yankees’ schedule

The New York Yankees are a professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. They are one of two major league clubs based in New York City; the other club is the National League (NL)’s New York Mets. The Yankees began play in the 1901 season as the Baltimore Orioles (no relation to the present-day Baltimore Orioles). In 1903, Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the franchise after it ceased operations and moved it to New York City, renaming the club the New York Highlanders. The Highlanders were officially renamed as the Yankees in 1913.

Find the Yankees’ next game

You can find the Yankees’ next game by going to their website and looking at their schedule. The schedule will list all of their upcoming games, including the date, time, and opponent.

Check the Yankees’ standings

The Yankees’ next game is on Monday, September 23, 2019, at 7:05 pm EDT. They will be playing the Toronto Blue Jays.

Yankees’ Record

The Yankees are currently in first place in the AL East with a record of 87-51. They are 5.5 games ahead of the Rays and 7.5 games ahead of the Red Sox. The Yankees have the best record in baseball and are on pace to win over 100 games for the first time since 2009.

Check the Yankees’ record

The Yankees have the best record in baseball. They have won 27 World Series titles and 40 American League pennants. They are the most successful baseball team in history. The Yankees play their home games at Yankee Stadium, which is located in the Bronx, New York City.

Find the Yankees’ last game

The New York Yankees last played on Sunday, September 29th against the Baltimore Orioles. They won the game 5-3. Their next game is scheduled for Tuesday, October 1st against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Check the Yankees’ run differential

The Yankees have a +196 run differential, the best in the majors. The next-best team is the Houston Astros, at +140. So the Yankees have been, by far, the best team in baseball this season.

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