Where to Watch Yankees vs. Red Sox

The New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Here’s where you can watch the game.

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The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are two of the most iconic baseball teams in America. They have a long-standing rivalry that dates back to the early 1900s, and their games are always highly anticipated. If you’re a fan of either team, you’re probably wondering where you can watch the next Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to catch the action. You can watch the game on television, stream it online, or even listen to it on the radio. Here’s a breakdown of all your options:

You can watch Yankees vs. Red Sox games on ESPN, FOX Sports 1 (FS1), or MLB Network. ESPN and FS1 will both air multiple games throughout the season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch your favorite team in action. MLB Network will also air some games, but their schedule has not been announced yet.

If you don’t have cable, you can still stream Yankees vs. Red Sox games online. ESPN+ and MLB.TV both offer packages that let you watch live baseball games online, and they’re both affordable options. ESPN+ is $4.99 per month, and MLB.TV is $9.99 per month for people in the U.S., $24.99 per month for people outside of the U.S., or $19.99 per year for people outside of the U S . with a valid U . S . military address . You can also get MLB . TV if you have a cable subscription that includes FS1 .

If you want to listen toYankees vsRed Sox games onthe radio ,you can finda station that is broadcastingthe game by usingthe following link: mlb . com/liveaudio .

The Rivalry

The Red Sox and Yankees rivalry is one of the most storied rivalries in all of professional sports. They are the two most successful teams in baseball history, and the rivalry has been going on for over 100 years. It is one of the most intense and competitive rivalries in all of sports.

The History

The Yankees–Red Sox rivalry is a Major League Baseball (MLB) rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The two teams have competed in MLB’s American League (AL) for over 100 seasons and have since developed one of the fiercest rivalries in American sports.

The first game between the two clubs was played on April 26, 1901, and since then, the two teams have met 2,213 times. They have played each other nearly every year since 1903, except for 1914–18 (due to World War I) and 1934 (due to the Great Depression). As of 2019, the Yankees have won 1,276 games and the Red Sox 1,219; the Yankees also hold a slim lead in overall series wins, with a record of 130–103.

The rivalry is often a heated topic among both sets of fans, who see each other as sworn enemies. It is one of the most well-known rivalries in North American sports.

The Fans

The Rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox is one of the most intense and long-standing in all of baseball. It’s a rivalry that divides families, friends, and even whole cities.Boston and New York are only 220 miles apart, but they might as well be worlds apart when it comes to their baseball teams.

The fans of each team are some of the most passionate in all of sports. They live and breathe their team and will do anything to see them win.When the Yankees and Red Sox meet on the baseball field, it’s more than just a game. It’s a battle between two cities, two states, two fan bases that simply don’t like each other.

If you’re lucky enough to witness this rivalry in person, you’ll never forget it. The energy in the stadium is electric, and the fans are always looking for any opportunity to taunt the other side.If you can’t make it to a game, though, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to watch from home. Just make sure you pick your side before you start cheering!

The Game

Yankees vs. Red Sox is sure to be an exciting game! You can catch all the action on ESPN, or you can check out the live stream on MLB.tv.

The Location

If you can’t make it to Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox, there are plenty of other places you can catch the game. Here are a few of our favorites.

Ruppert’s Tavern: This sports bar, located in the Bronx, is a great place to catch any Yankees game. With its large TVs and comfortable seating, Ruppert’s is perfect for enjoying a game with friends.

Tonic East: Tonic East is located in Murray Hill and is a great place to watch the Yankees while enjoying some delicious food. The bar has plenty of TVs as well as a handful of big-screen TVs, so you won’t miss a minute of the action.

The Liberty Bar: The Liberty Bar is located in Queens and is another great spot to watch the Yankees play. The bar has TVs throughout so you can catch all the action, no matter where you’re sitting.

The Date and Time

The date is set for Saturday, October 6, at 8:15 pm. The time is subject to change, so be sure to check back closer to the date. The game will be broadcast on ESPN.


We hope you enjoyed this guide on where to watch Yankees vs. Red Sox. Whether you’re looking for a place to catch the game or just want to enjoy some good food and drink, one of these locations is sure to be a great fit for you.

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