Where the Yankees First Played in 1921: The Crossword Clue

The New York Yankees first played their home games at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan in 1921. The team then moved to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx in 1923.

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The Crossword Clue

The Yankees first played in 1921 at the Polo Grounds. The team played its first game on April 18, against the Boston Red Sox. New York won that game, 9-5. Babe Ruth hit the first home run in Yankee Stadium history in the fourth inning.

The clue’s answer

The crossword clue for “Where the Yankees first played in 1921” is “the Polo Grounds”.

The clue’s history

The crossword clue is one of the most popular puzzles in America. It first appeared in the New York Times in 1921, and has been a mainstay of the newspaper ever since.

The clue’s popularity is due in part to its simplicity: it’s a straightforward way to test one’s knowledge of trivia. But it also has a more subtle appeal, as it allows solvers to flex their mental muscles in a unique way.

Crossword clues are often deceptively difficult, requiring solvers to think laterally and creatively in order to arrive at the correct answer. This can be frustrating for some people, but for others it is part of the appeal. The challenge of solving a crossword clue is what keeps many people coming back to the puzzle day after day.

The Yankees

The Yankees first played on April 18th, 1921, in the Polo Grounds. They were originally known as the Highlanders and were based in the Bronx. Their first game was against the Boston Red Sox, who they defeated 7-6. The Yankees have a long and storied history, winning 27 World Series titles.

The team’s history

The Yankees began play in the American League in 1901. In 1903, they acquired catcher Yogi Berra and infielder/outfielder Hank Bauer in a trade with the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees won their first pennant in 1921, led by Babe Ruth’s then-record 54 home runs. They again won the AL championship in 1922, 1923, and 1936 behind Ruth and first baseman Lou Gehrig.

The team’s first game

The Yankees’ first game was on April 18, 1921, against the Boston Red Sox. The team played its home games at the Polo Grounds in New York City.

The Stadium

The New York Yankees first played in the stadium on April 18, 1921. The stadium was built in just 279 days. It was originally called “The House That Ruth Built.” The Yankees played their first game in the stadium against the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees won that game, 4-1.

The stadium’s history

The stadium was originally built in 1921 and was the home of the Yankees until 1973. The stadium was renovated in 1974 and reopened as Yankee Stadium II. The stadium closed again in 2008 for another round of renovations and reopened in 2009 as Yankee Stadium III.

The stadium’s first game

The stadium’s first game was on April 18, 1921, when the Yankees played the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees won that game, 7-6.

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