Where Yankees First Played in 1921 Crossword

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The New York Yankees first played at the Polo Grounds in 1921. The team then moved to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx in 1923.

The Early Days of the Yankees

The New York Yankees have been around since 1903, when they were founded as the Baltimore Orioles. They became the Yankees in 1913, and have been one of baseball’s most successful franchises ever since. The Yankees have won 27 World Series titles, more than any other team in Major League Baseball.

The Yankees didn’t always play in New York City, though. In fact, their very first game was played in Washington, D.C., on April 18, 1921. That’s right – the Yankees’ first game was played against the Washington Senators, who are now known as the Minnesota Twins. The Senators won that game by a score of 4-3.

The Yankees played their first game in New York City on April 22, 1921, against the Boston Red Sox. That game was also a loss – by a score of 7-6. The Yankees would go on to lose their first nine games before finally winning on May 15th against the St. Louis Browns (now the Baltimore Orioles).

The Yankees have come a long way since those early days, but they’ll always be remembered as the team that started out 0-9 before going on to become one of baseball’s all-time greats.

The First Yankee Stadium

The first Yankee Stadium was built in the Bronx, New York City, across the Harlem River from the city’s Upper Manhattan. It opened in April 1923 and hosted baseball’s “Game of the Century”, a 1–0 victory over the crosstown rival New York Giants that October. Yankee Stadium closed following the 2008 baseball season and was replaced by a new stadium in 2009, located next door.

The House that Ruth Built

In 1923, Yankee Stadium was built in the Bronx, New York City. It was nicknamed “The House that Ruth Built”, because the great Babe Ruth hit so many home runs there. The Yankees played their first game in the new stadium on April 18, 1923, against the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees won that game 4-1.

The Yankees Today

The New York Yankees are a professional baseball team based in the borough of the Bronx, in New York City. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. They are one of two major league clubs based in New York City, the other being the New York Mets of the National League. In baseball, theYankees’ extensive history includes 26 World Series championships, which is the most in MLB history, and 40 AL pennants, which is also the most in MLB history.


The Yankee Stadium crossword is a fun way to test your knowledge of baseball history and trivia. To complete the puzzle, you’ll need to know about the team’s first game in 1921, as well as some of the great players who have worn the Yankee uniform over the years. Have fun!

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