Who Are the Announcers for the Yankees?

The current announcers for the New York Yankees are John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

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The New York Yankees are a Major League Baseball team that plays in the American League East Division. The team is based in the Bronx, New York. The Yankees are one of the most successful teams in baseball, with 27 World Series championships.

The team’s current announcers are Paul O’Neill, Michael Kay, Ken Singleton, John Sterling, and Suzyn Waldman.

The Announcers

The current announcers for the Yankees are John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Sterling has been the lead announcer since 1989. Waldman has been with the team since 2005 and is the first female announcer in MLB history.

John Sterling

John Sterling is an American sportscaster. He is currently the radio play-by-play announcer for the New York Yankees, a position he has held since 1989.

Sterling was born on April 25, 1941 in West Hartford, Connecticut. He began his broadcasting career in 1963, calling play-by-play for the Double-A Binghamton Triplets of the Eastern League. He also called Triplet games on television from 1964 to 1967. He then spent 1968 as the voice of the Triplets’ parent club, the Minnesota Twins, before serving as a radio and television host for the New York Mets from 1969 to 1983. While with the Mets, Sterling also called college basketball games for Madison Square Garden Network from 1970 to 1974.

In 1984, Sterling began a five-year stint as the television play-by-play announcer for the New York Yankees. When that position opened up again in 1989, he returned to the booth and has been there ever since. He has been paired with several different color commentators over the years, including Michael Kay, Jim Kaat,phil Rizzuto, Ken Singleton, David Cone, Paul O’Neill, Tim McCarver, Ralph Houk and Joe Girardi.

Sterling is known for his home run calls; fans sometimes refer to a home run as “a Sterling homer” or “a John Sterling moment.” After each Yankees home run or victory, he says (or yells) one of several predetermined phrases on the air; this earned him the nickname “The Voice of God.” Some of his trademark calls are:

“Ballgame over! The Yankees win it!” (after a Yankee victory)
“Thaaaaaaa Yankees win!” (after a Yankee come-from-behind victory)
“And we are gonna wiiiiiiiin!” (after any Yankee come-from-behind victory late in the game)

Suzyn Waldman

Suzyn Waldman is an American sportscaster and radio personality. She is currently the color commentator for radio broadcasts of New York Yankees baseball games.

Waldman has been broadcasting Yankees games since 2005. Prior to that, she served as a sideline reporter for the team’s radio broadcasts from 2002 to 2004.

She also worked as a television sports reporter for MSG Network from 1988 to 2001. In her time with MSG, Waldman became the first woman to serve as a full-time television broadcaster for the Yankees.

In addition to her work with the Yankees, Waldman has also called play-by-play for women’s college basketball games on ESPN and has served as a television analyst for Little League World Series games on ABC.

Michael Kay

Michael Kay is the primary play-by-play announcer for the New York Yankees. He is also a host on ESPN Radio and TV. Prior to joining the Yankees, Kay worked as a sports anchor on WABC and as a broadcaster for the New Jersey Nets, MSG Network, and Madison Square GardenNetwork.


So, there you have it, the Announcers for the New York Yankees. We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about them and their backgrounds. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. Thanks for reading!

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