Yankees Trade for A-Rod

The Yankees have pulled off a trade for A-Rod. Here are the trade details and what it means for the team.

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The Yankees have agreed to trade for A-Rod.


On February 16, 2004, the Yankees completed a trade with the Texas Rangers. The Yankees sent infielder Alfonso Soriano and a minor league pitcher to the Rangers in exchange for third baseman Alex Rodriguez and cash. The Yankees also agreed to pay Rodriguez $10 million per year for the next seven years.

Previous Trades

In February 2004, the Yankees traded Alfonso Soriano and a minor leaguer to the Texas Rangers for Alex Rodriguez and $67 million to pay for the difference in salary. At the time, it was the largest trade in baseball history, as well as the most lopsided favoring one team, in terms of character. Soriano was coming off a campaign where he had hit 39 homers and stole 41 bases while playing solid defense at second base. He was also just 28 years old. A-Rod, on the other hand, was considered a prima donna by many in baseball circles and was due to make $179 million over the next seven seasons. The Rangers were so eager to unload A-Rod’s albatross of a contract that they were willing to take on all of that money and ship out one of their best players.

Current Roster

The Yankees have acquired third baseman Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers in a trade. A-Rod is a 14-time All-Star and a three-time American League MVP. He will be joining a Yankees team that is currently in first place in the AL East.

The Yankees are currently fielding a team that includes:

-Brian McCann
-Austin Romine

-Mark Teixeira
-Derek Jeter
-Carlos Beltran
-Kelly Johnson
-Chase Headley

The Trade

On July 23, 2004, the Yankees announced they had acquired Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers in exchange for Alfonso Soriano and a minor league player. The trade came as a surprise to many because the Yankees were already one of the best teams in baseball and A-Rod was the best player in the game.

What the Yankees Gave Up

The Yankees gave up a lot to get A-Rod, including one of their best players in Alfonso Soriano. They also gave up two of their best prospects in Joaquin Arias and Juan Rodriguez.

What the Yankees Got In Return

The Yankees got Alex Rodriguez, a third baseman who was the American League’s Most Valuable Player in 2003 and 2005. They also got right-handed pitcher Jeff Weaver, who was 8-14 with a 4.22 earned run average last season, and cash. In return, the Yankees sent second baseman Alfonso Soriano and a minor league pitcher, Joaquin Arias, to the Rangers.


The Yankees have long been linked to A-Rod, even dating back to his days with the Seattle Mariners. Now, they’ve finally pulled the trigger and acquired him in a trade with the Texas Rangers. The Yankees gave up second baseman Alfonso Soriano and pitcher Joaquin Arias to get A-Rod, who is in the midst of a 10-year, $252 million contract.

Why the Yankees Made the Trade

The New York Yankees traded for Alex Rodriguez in 2004 because they wanted to add a powerful bat to their lineup. They were also interested in his marketing potential and the fact that he was a high-profile player. The Yankees thought that Rodriguez would help them win a World Series title, and they were willing to give up a lot to get him.

The Yankees gave up two of their best players, Alfonso Soriano and Joaquin Arias, in order to get Rodriguez. They also had to pay a large portion of his contract, which was worth over $250 million at the time. The trade worked out well for the Yankees, as they won the World Series in 2009. Rodriguez was a big part of their victory, hitting .365 with six home runs and 18 RBIs in the postseason.

Why the Other Team Made the Trade

It is clear that the Yankees wanted A-Rod because he is one of the best baseball players in the world. He is a great hitter and fielder and was exactly what the Yankees needed to solidify their lineup. The other team, however, must have had their own reasons for making the trade.

There are a few possible explanations for why the other team would have traded A-Rod to the Yankees. Maybe they were trying to unload his big contract in order to save money. Or, perhaps they believed that other players on their team were better suited to fill A-Rod’s role and wanted to give them a chance to shine.

No matter what the other team’s reasoning was, it is clear that they made a mistake in trading away such a talented player. The Yankees benefited greatly from the deal and went on to win several championships with A-Rod on their team.


The Yankees have traded for A-Rod, one of the best players in baseball. They gave up a lot to get him, but they feel that he will be worth it. Only time will tell if this trade pays off for the Yankees.

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