Who Got Covid on the Yankees?

A blog about the Covid outbreak on the Yankees and who may have been responsible.

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The outbreak

The Covid outbreak on the Yankees is one of the most serious cases in the MLB this season. So far, it has affected nineteen players and staff members within the organization. The team has been forced to cancel games and isolating those who have tested positive.

The first player to test positive

On March 12, 2020, the first player on the Yankees tested positive for Covid-19. The player, who has not been publicly identified, is asymptomatic and is currently in self-isolation.

The spread of the virus

Due to the close contact and the high amount of time that baseball players spend together, it is no surprise that the virus has spread quickly throughout the team. It is still unclear how exactly the virus made its way into the clubhouse, but it is believed that one of the players was already infected when he reported to spring training.

Once inside the clubhouse, the virus likely spread through close contact with other players and staff members. The Yankees have a strict policy of not allowing players to interact with fans, so it is unlikely that the virus was brought in from outside the clubhouse.

The team is now working closely with health officials to contain the outbreak and prevent further spread of the virus. All players and staff members who have been in close contact with those who have tested positive for Covid-19 are being quarantined and monitored for symptoms.

So far, no new cases have been reported and everyone who has tested positive is said to be doing well.

The investigation

The Yankees are one of the most iconic baseball teams in America. They have a long and storied history, and are one of the most successful teams in the sport. Recently, however, the team has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

How the Yankees traced the outbreak

The New York Times spoke to 13 people who were inside the Yankees’ organization during the Covid-19 outbreak that swept through the team in early August, ultimately leading to 19 players and 17 staff members testing positive for the virus. These are their stories.

Who is to blame?

The New York Yankees have been hit hard by Covid-19, with over 20 players and staff members testing positive for the virus. The team was forced to postpone their opening game against the Washington Nationals, and their home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays has also been postponed. So far, no one knows exactly how the virus spread through the team.

There are a few theories floating around. One is that the team contracted the virus from a hotel they were staying at in Florida. Another theory is that the virus was brought into the clubhouse by someone who had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid-19.

It’s still unclear how the virus spread through the team, but one thing is for sure: someone is to blame.

The aftermath

I cannot believe that contaminated water from the 2019 outbreak found its way into the Yankee clubhouse and now everyone is sick! I mean, how did this happen? What are the long term effects of the virus? I need answers and I need them now!

The players who tested positive

The players who tested positive are: Gary Sanchez, DJ LeMahieu, Luis Cessa, Brett Gardner, and Aroldis Chapman.

The players who didn’t test positive

Covid-19 has affected the New York Yankees in a big way. Out of the 28 players who were tested, eight came back positive. This left the team scrambling to fill the holes in their lineup. The players who didn’t test positive were:

Gerrit Cole
Masahiro Tanaka
J.A. Happ
Jordan Montgomery
Zack Britton
Aroldis Chapman
Chad Green
Luis Cessa
Tommy Kahnle
Jonathan Holder
Adam Ottavino

The future

All of us, at some point in our lives, have faced a crossroads. A time when we had to make a decision that would determine the course of our lives. For the New York Yankees, that time is now.

How can the Yankees prevent another outbreak?

The New York Yankees have been hit hard by Covid-19, with over 20 players and staff members testing positive for the virus. The team has had to cancel games and operations have been severely disrupted. So how can the Yankees prevent another outbreak?

There are a few things the team can do:

1) Improve hygiene and cleaning protocols. This includes regular hand-washing, disinfecting surfaces, and ensuring that players and staff are not sharing equipment.

2) Increase testing. The team should test players and staff on a regular basis, both before and during the season. This will help identify any cases early and prevent them from spreading.

3) Isolate positive cases. Any player or staff member who tests positive for Covid-19 should be immediately isolated from the rest of the team. This will help stop the virus from spreading further.

4) Educate players and staff. It’s important that everyone on the team knows about the risks of Covid-19 and how to prevent its spread. This includes understanding symptoms, maintaining social distancing, and wearing masks when necessary.

What other teams can learn from the Yankees’ experience

The New York Yankees were the first Major League Baseball team to have a player test positive for Covid-19, and they are far from the only team to be affected by the virus. The Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, and Toronto Blue Jays are among the other teams that have had players test positive for the virus.

While the Yankees’ experience is not necessarily representative of what other teams will face, there are some lessons that can be learned from their experience.

First and foremost, it is important to be vigilant about hygiene and cleanliness. Players and staff should be washing their hands regularly and using hand sanitizer when possible. The Yankees did a good job of this, but it is always worth emphasizing.

Second, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 and to self-isolate if any symptoms develop. Several of the Yankees’ players who tested positive for the virus reported feeling ill prior to testing positive, but they did not self-isolate until after they had been in contact with other people.

Third, it is important to have a plan in place for what to do if someone does test positive for the virus. The Yankees were able to limit the spread of the virus by quickly isolating those who tested positive and suspending activities until everyone could be tested.

While no team can completely avoid the risk of Covid-19, following these lessons from the Yankees’ experience can help minimize the risk.

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