Who Is Doing Play-By-Play For Yankees Tonight?

Wondering who is doing play-by-play for the Yankees game tonight? We’ve got you covered!

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On any given night, there are a handful of people who could be doing play-by-play for the Yankees. The person who is doing play-by-play tonight will be based on a number of factors, including who is available and who the Yankees think would be the best fit for the game.

Who is doing play-by-play for the Yankees tonight?

The Yankees are playing the Red Sox tonight, and the announcers for the game will be Michael Kay and Ken Singleton.

Why are they doing play-by-play for the Yankees tonight?

The Yankees play-by-play announcer is changing tonight, with Paul O’Neill and Michael Kay calling the game on the YES Network.

What game are they calling?

The game tonight is the Yankees versus the Red Sox. The play-by-play announcer for the Yankees is John Sterling and the color commentator is Suzyn Waldman.

How can I listen to the game?

There are several ways that you can listen to the game if you can’t make it to the stadium. You can listen to the radio broadcast, which is usually carried by most local radio stations. You can also listen to the game online through a number of different websites, or you can listen to it on your mobile phone through a number of different apps.


In conclusion, we do not know who is doing play-by-play for the Yankees tonight. However, we can make some educated guesses based on the information that is available to us. We know that Michael Kay is the Yankees’ primary play-by-play announcer, and that he is currently scheduled to call the game tonight. However, it is also possible that he may be taking the night off, and that someone else will be doing play-by-play in his place. whoever is calling the game tonight, we can be sure that they will provide us with an enjoyable experience.

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