Who is Number Two on the New York Yankees?

If you’re a Yankees fan, then you know who Number Two is: none other than second baseman Starlin Castro! Read on to learn more about this key player on the team.

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The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City. The Yankees compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. They are one of two major league clubs based in New York City, the other being the New York Mets of the National League.

The New York Yankees Roster

The New York Yankees have had many great players over the years, but who is number two on the all-time list?

1. Babe Ruth
2. Lou Gehrig
3. Mickey Mantle
4. Yogi Berra
5. Joe DiMaggio

Babe Ruth is number one on the list, of course, but who is number two? The answer may surprise you. It is Lou Gehrig, who played for the Yankees from 1923 to 1939. Gehrig was a great hitter and fielder, and he was part of six World Series winning teams. He was also a good guy off the field, and he was loved by Yankees fans.

The New York Yankees Lineup

1. shortstop Derek Jeter
2. left fielder Brett Gardner
3. center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury
4. right fielder Carlos Beltran
5. first baseman Mark Teixeira
6. designated hitter Alfonso Soriano
7. third baseman Yangervis Solarte
8. catcher Brian McCann
9. pitcher Masahiro Tanaka

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman

The New York Yankees’ second baseman is DJ LeMahieu. DJ LeMahieu is a right-handed hitter and has played for the Yankees since 2019. He is a two-time All-Star and won the National League batting title in 2016. LeMahieu is known for his excellent fielding and has won three Gold Glove Awards.

Who is the New York Yankees’ Second Baseman?

The New York Yankees’ second baseman is Gleyber Torres. He is a young player who has already made a name for himself in the majors. While he is not the team’s best hitter, he is a very solid defender and has been one of the Yankees’ most consistent players over the past few years.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Position

The New York Yankees’ second baseman is one of the nine defensive players on the team. He is stationed between first and second base. The role of the second baseman is to field balls hit in his direction and to turn double plays with the shortstop. The second baseman also helps back up throws to first base.

The Yankees have had some great second basemen over the years, including Tony Lazzeri, Bobby Richardson, Willie Randolph, and Chuck Knoblauch. Currently, the team’s second baseman is Starlin Castro.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Statistics

D.J. LeMahieu, the New York Yankees’ current second baseman, is one of the top players at his position in the major leagues. He’s a two-time All-Star and he’s coming off of a season in which he won the American League batting title. In this article, we’ll take a look at LeMahieu’s statistics and see how he stacks up against some of the other top second basemen in the league.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Batting Average

The New York Yankees’ second baseman, Gleyber Torres, had a batting average of .271 in the 2019 season. He played in 155 games and had 601 at-bats. He had 167 hits, including 34 doubles, 3 triples, and 38 home runs. He also had 101 RBIs and scored 103 runs.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Home Runs

In the 2019 season, Gleyber Torres was the New York Yankees’ second baseman. He batted .278 with 38 home runs and 96 RBIs.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Runs Batted In

Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees’ shortstop, is number two on the team in terms of runs batted in. He has 1,261 RBIs in his career.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Fielding

The New York Yankees have a new second baseman this season. His fielding has been great so far. Who is this player?

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s fielding percentage

Robinson Cano, the current second baseman for the New York Yankees, has posted a .991 fielding percentage so far in his career. This is the percentage of times that a fielder records an out while he is on defense. Cano has played in 1,834 games at second base in his career and has recorded 1,743 putouts and 4,471 assists. He has also participated in 272 double plays.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s range factor

In baseball, range factor is a fielding statistic that calculates the average number of plays made by a player in a given position. The range factor of a second baseman can be found by dividing the number of putouts and assists made by the second baseman by the number of innings played in the field.

For example, if a second baseman had 200 putouts and 50 assists in 1,000 innings played, his range factor would be 2.50 (200 + 50)/1000 = 2.50. Ausmus’s career range factor of 4.52 is the highest in baseball history among second basemen with at least 1,000 innings played at the position.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Contract

The New York Yankees have a new second baseman, and his name is Gleyber Torres. Torres is a 22-year-old from Venezuela who signed with the Yankees in 2016. He made his debut in 2018 and became an instant fan favorite. Torres is known for his defense and his ability to hit for power. He is under contract with the Yankees through the 2024 season.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Salary

Robinson Cano, the New York Yankees’ second baseman, is set to make $24 million in 2014, which is the fifth-highest salary among all second basemen in Major League Baseball. Cano signed a 10-year, $240 million contract with the Yankees in 2013, after nine seasons with the team. Cano is a five-time All-Star and a two-time Gold Glove winner.

The New York Yankees’ Second Baseman’s Free Agency

The New York Yankees’ second baseman, Robinson Cano, is eligible for free agency after the 2013 season. Cano is one of the best players in baseball, and many expect him to command a contract worth over $200 million when he hits the open market. The Yankees will have to decide whether to try to re-sign Cano or let him walk in order to save money.

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