Who is the Yankees Best Player Right Now?

The New York Yankees have had a lot of great players over the years, but who is the best player on the team right now? We take a look at the Yankees best player and why they are the best.

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The Case for Aaron Judge

There’s no doubt that right fielder Aaron Judge is the New York Yankees best player right now. Judge is batting .329 with 30 home runs and 66 RBIs, and he has an OPS of 1.139. He’s also been a key part of the Yankees’ defense, which has been one of the best in baseball this season. Judge is one of the strongest outfielders in the game, and he has a great arm. In addition to all of that, Judge is one of the most popular players in baseball, and he’s a leader on and off the field.

The Case for Giancarlo Stanton

The New York Yankees have a lot of stars on their team. They have a lot of all-stars, MVPs, and world champions. So, who is their best player right now? The case can be made for a few different players, but the case for Giancarlo Stanton is the strongest.

Stanton is the reigning NL MVP and he is coming off of a season where he hit 59 home runs and 132 RBIs. He also had a .992 OPS and a 7.6 WAR. Stanton is one of the best power hitters in baseball and he is still in his prime at 28 years old.

The Yankees also have some other great players like Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Luis Severino, but Stanton is their best player right now. He is an elite hitter with fantastic power and he is one of the best outfielders in baseball. If the Yankees are going to win another World Series, Stanton will be a big reason why.

The Case for Gary Sanchez

The New York Yankees are currently in first place in the American League East and are one of the best teams in baseball. A big reason for their success has been the play of catcher Gary Sanchez. Sanchez is batting .278 with 18 home runs and 42 RBIs. He is also an excellent defensive catcher. Sanchez has thrown out 14 base runners this season, which is the most in baseball.

The Case for Luis Severino

In recent years, the New York Yankees have been blessed with a plethora of young talent. From Aaron Judge to Gleyber Torres, the Yankees have a number of players who could be considered the team’s best player. However, right now, the case can be made that pitcher Luis Severino is the Yankees best player.

Severino is currently in the midst of a breakout season, posting a 14-2 record with a 2.12 ERA. He has been one of the best pitchers in baseball this season, and his performance has helped propel the Yankees to the best record in baseball. Severino is also just 24 years old, meaning he should only get better as he gets older.

There are other candidates for the title of best Yankee player right now. However, Severino’s stellar performance this season makes him a deserving candidate for the title.

The Case for Miguel Andujar

Miguel Andujar arrived to the Yankees as a highly-touted third base prospect in 2018, and he did not disappoint. In his rookie season, Andujar took over the starting third base job and never looked back. He hit .297/.328/.527 with 27 home runs and 92 RBI in 149 games while also providing solid defense at the hot corner. His performance was good enough to earn him second place in AL Rookie of the Year voting.

Andujar followed up his strong rookie campaign with an even better sophomore season. In 2019, he hit .315/.364/.550 with 34 home runs and 104 RBI in 155 games. He finished fifth in AL MVP voting and won a Silver Slugger Award.

So far in 2020, Andujar is hitting .311/.346/.505 with four home runs and 16 RBI in 28 games. He has been the Yankees’ best hitter so far this season, and he looks poised for another big year.

There is no doubt that Miguel Andujar is one of the best young players in baseball. He has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with at the plate, and he should only continue to get better as he matures. With his combination of power, hitting ability, and defensive skills, Andujar has all the makings of a future All-Star third baseman for the Yankees.

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