Who Played Babe Ruth in Pride of the Yankees?

The film Pride of the Yankees is a classic baseball movie. It tells the story of the life of Babe Ruth. The film was released in 1942 and starred Gary Cooper as Babe Ruth.

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Gary Cooper

In the film Pride of the Yankees, legendary baseball player Babe Ruth was portrayed by actor Gary Cooper. The film chronicles Ruth’s life from his humble beginnings in Baltimore to his days as a star player for the New York Yankees.

Cooper’s Performance

Gary Cooper’s reaction to Gehrig’s ALS diagnosis and his subsequent decline is one of the movie’s most heartbreaking scenes. Cooper has a few choice scenes with Bergman as well, including one in which Gehrig tells her that he is starting to forget things. After he begins forgetting words during speeches, his friends and colleagues urge him to see a doctor.

Other Actors Considered for the Role

Several other actors were considered for the role of Babe Ruth in the film Pride of the Yankees, including:
-Gary Cooper
-Jimmy Stewart
-Marlon Brando
-Paul Newman

The Film’s Reception

The film was extremely popular, and received very positive reviews from critics. It was also a commercial success, grossing $5 million at the box office.

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