Who Won the Yankees Game Yesterday?

Keep up with the latest Yankees game scores and find out who won the game yesterday with our blog post.

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Yankees Game

The Yankees won their game yesterday against the Red Sox. It was a close game, but the Yankees pulled through in the end. This win brings them one step closer to the playoffs.

Yankees won

The Yankees won yesterday’s game against the Red Sox with a score of 9-5. This was a much needed victory for the team, putting them back on track after a few losses. This win also keeps their playoff hopes alive. Fans are hopeful that the Yankees will be able to make a comeback and make it to the post-season.

Yankees lost

The Yankees lost to the Red Sox yesterday by a score of 6-1.

Other team’s game

The Yankees didn’t play yesterday. They are scheduled to play the Red Sox today at 7:05pm.

Other team’s won

The Yankees lost yesterday’s game.

Other team’s lost

The New York Yankees lost to the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday by a score of 6 to 2. The Yankees are now 2 and 4 on the season, while the Rays improve to 5 and 1.

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