Who Won the Yankees-Mets Game?

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The Yankees won the game against the Mets. It was a great game with a lot of home runs. The Yankees are now in first place in the AL East.


The New York Yankees won the game against the Mets with a score of 7-2. This was a great victory for the Yankees, as they had been struggling in the past few games. The Yankees are now back on track and are looking to make a run for the playoffs.


In a heated rivalry game, the Yankees narrowly beat the Mets 4-3.


The Mets are on a roll with their fourth straight win, including a come-from-behind victory against their crosstown rivals, the Yankees. With the score 5-4 in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Mets rallied for three runs to win the game. This is the Mets’ first series sweep of the Yankees in over three years.


The Mets lost to the Yankees 9-3.


The Yankees won the game 9-3.

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