Why Do the Yankees Suck This Year?

It’s no secret that the Yankees have been struggling this year. But why? Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why the Yankees seem to be suckling this season.

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The Yankees have the oldest team in the MLB

The Yankees have the oldest team in the MLB, with an average age of 30.9. That’s nearly a full year older than the league average. It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve been hit hard by injuries. They’ve already lost nine players to the disabled list, including four outfielders (Aaron Hicks, Jacoby Ellsbury, Clint Frazier, and Billy McKinney), two starting pitchers (CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka), and third baseman Miguel Andujar.

What is surprising is how poorly the Yankees have played even when they’ve had their full complement of players. They got off to a slow start, going 9-17 in April, and they’ve been stuck below .500 ever since. They’re currently 4 games under .500 and sit in fourth place in the AL East, behind the Rays, Red Sox, and Blue Jays.

Part of the problem has been the Yankees’ lack of power. They rank 25th in the majors in home runs (68) and 27th in slugging percentage (.399). Their top home run hitters are Giancarlo Stanton (11), Gary Sanchez (10), and Aaron Judge (9), all of whom have missed significant time due to injuries.

Another issue has been the Yankees’ bullpen, which has blown 14 saves this season (tied for second-most in MLB) and has a collective ERA of 4.14 (19th). Aroldis Chapman, who has been one of the best closers in baseball for years, has been particularly bad this season, posting a 5.01 ERA and blowing five saves.

The Yankees were expected to be one of the best teams in baseball this season but they have been one of the biggest disappointment so far. If they don’t turn things around soon, it could be a long summer in New York.

Their starting pitching has been awful

The New York Yankees have been one of the biggest disappointments in baseball this season. After being a consensus preseason pick to win the World Series, they currently sit at .500 and trail the Red Sox by nine games in the AL East. There are a number of factors that have contributed to their struggles, but the biggest one has been their starting pitching.

The Yankees entered the season with high hopes for their rotation, but it has been a complete disaster. Masahiro Tanaka, who was an AL Cy Young candidate last year, has been plagued by injuries and inconsistency. Luis Severino, who many felt was on the verge of becoming an ace, has been terrible. And Sonny Gray, whom they gave up a haul to acquire at last year’s trade deadline, has been even worse. To make matters worse, their talented young left-hander Jordan Montgomery tore his UCL in his last start and will miss the rest of the season.

It’s not just that the Yankees’ starters have been bad; it’s that they haven’t been able to stay on the field. Tanaka has already missed two stints on the disabled list and Severino is currently sidelined with a lat injury. Gray has also battled injuries this season and was recently sent to Triple-A after getting shellacked in his last start. This is a big reason why their bullpen has been overworked and why they’ve had to rely so heavily on their offense to win games.

The Yankees have scored the most runs in baseball, but it hasn’t been enough to overcome their starting pitching woes. If they want to get back into contention, they need their starters to step up and start giving them quality innings. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

The bullpen has been even worse

The Yankees have one of the worst bullpens in baseball this season. They have a 5.27 ERA, which is 28th in the majors, and they’ve blown 25 save opportunities, which is also 28th.

The offense has been inconsistent

It’s no secret that the Yankees have been struggling as of late. They are currently in third place in the AL East and are fighting for a wild card spot. There are many reasons why the Yankees have been struggling this year, but one of the biggest reasons has been the inconsistency of their offense.

Inconsistency has been a problem for the Yankees all season long. They have had trouble stringing together hits and have left too many men on base. When they have scored runs, they have mostly been relying on the home run. This is not a sustainable way to win games, and it has finally caught up to them.

The Yankees’ struggles offensively have also been magnified by their struggles on defense. They have made a lot of errors this season, and their pitchers have not done a good job of limiting opposing teams to runscoring opportunities. As a result, the Yankees’ pitching staff has had to work overtime, and they have not been able to stay fresh late in games.

The bottom line is that the Yankees need to be more consistent if they want to turn things around and make a run at the playoffs. They need to string together hits, play better defense, and get some quality starting pitching if they want to avoid another disappointing season.

The defense has been below average

Injuries have certainly played a role in the Yankees’ struggles this year, but even when they’ve had a full complement of players, the team hasn’t been able to put it all together. A big part of the problem has been the defense, which has been well below average.

According to FanGraphs, the Yankees have cost themselves about 10 runs with their defense so far this season. That’s not an insignificant number, and it’s one of the main reasons why they find themselves in third place in the AL East instead of first or second.

It’s not just that the Yankees have made a lot of errors (although they have), it’s that they haven’t been able to make the routine plays either. They’ve had trouble turning double plays, they haven’t done a good job of keeping runners from advancing on balls hit into the outfield, and they’ve made a lot of mental mistakes as well.

The good news is that the Yankees should be able to improve on defense as the season goes on. Some of their key players are still working their way back from injuries, and others should be able to make adjustments as they get more familiar with each other. If the Yankees can start playing better defense, it will go a long way towards helping them turn things around and get back into contention.

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