Yankees Game Today: What Channel Is It On?

The New York Yankees are scheduled to play today. Here is what channel the game is on and how to watch it.

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Yankees Game Today

The Yankees are playing the Red Sox today in a crucial match-up. The game is set to start at 7:05 pm ET and will be aired on ESPN. This game is important for both teams as they are currently vying for first place in the American League East.

What channel is the Yankees game on today?

The Yankees game today is on ESPN at 7pm EST.

How can I listen to the Yankees game on the radio?

You can listen to the Yankees game on the radio by tuning in to WFAN 660AM/101.9FM.

What time does the Yankees game start today?

The New York Yankees are one of the most iconic baseball teams in America. They have a long and successful history, dating back to their founding in 1903. Today, the Yankees are one of the most popular teams in the league, and their games are often televised nationally.

If you’re a fan of the Yankees, you might be wondering what time the team’s game starts today. The answer to that question depends on a few factors, including which channel is broadcasting the game and what time zone you’re in.

In general, most Yankees games start at 7:05 p.m. ET. However, if the game is being televised on a national network like ESPN or Fox, it may start earlier or later than that. For example, if the game is being broadcast on ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” program, it will typically start at 8:00 p.m. ET.

To find out what time the Yankees game starts in your specific location, you can check the listings for your local television channels or go to the website of your chosen network provider.

Yankees Game Schedule

The New York Yankees are a professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. They are one of two major league clubs based in New York City, the other being the National League’s (NL) New York Mets. The Yankees began play in the 1901 season as the Baltimore Orioles (no relation to the present-day Baltimore Orioles). In 1903, Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the franchise after it ceased operations and moved it to New York City, renaming the club the New York Highlanders.

When is the next Yankees game?

Wondering when the next Yankees game is? Look no further! Here’s the schedule for the upcoming week:

Monday, April 8 vs. Baltimore Orioles, 7:05 p.m. EST
Tuesday, April 9 vs. Baltimore Orioles, 7:05 p.m. EST
Wednesday, April 10 vs. Baltimore Orioles, 1:05 p.m. EST
Thursday, April 11 OFF DAY
Friday, April 12 vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 7:05 p.m. EST
Saturday, April 13 vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 4:05 p.m. EST
Sunday, April 14 vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 1:05 p.mEST

What time do the Yankees play tomorrow?

The New York Yankees are a storied baseball team with a rich history. One of the most successful franchises in all of sports, the Yankees have won 27 World Series titles and 40 American League pennants. The team has played in Yankee Stadium since 1923 and has been owned by the Steinbrenner family since 1973. The Yankees are one of the most popular teams in baseball and their games are often televised nationwide.

What is the Yankees game schedule for this week?

The Yankees play several games this week against tough opponents. On Monday, they take on the Baltimore Orioles, followed by the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday and Wednesday. The team finishes up the week with a weekend series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Check your local listings for game times and channels.

Yankees standings

The Yankees are in 1st place in the AL East with an record of 14-6. They are currently on a four-game winning streak. The last time they lost was on Thursday, April 25 to the Red Sox.

Where do the Yankees stand in the AL East?

The New York Yankees currently occupy second place in the AL East, two and a half games back of the first place Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees are also only half a game back of the third place Toronto Blue Jays, and five and a half games ahead of the fourth place Baltimore Orioles.

How many games back are the Yankees?

The New York Yankees are in second place in the AL East, four games back of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Who is leading the AL East?

The Yankees are in first place in the AL East with a record of 30-19. They are 1.5 games ahead of the Rays and four games ahead of the Red Sox. The Yankees have played well lately, winning seven of their last 10 games.

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